Little Brat

In Promo by Ether

“There was this rich kid who I used to hang out with because he owned a lot of toys.”

“His single father bought him a ton of playthings to keep him busy while they worked. As a result, his attitude quickly turned sour and intolerable.”

“When he got other kids to play with him, he demanded that they abide by his rules or else they weren’t allowed to mess with his stuff anymore.”

“If you were dueling him in a competition, you had to let him win. If you were playing any sort of team game, he had to be the leader. Whether we liked it or not, and all of us really didn’t like it, he had to play God and make our lives miserable.”

“One day, we were acting out a medieval fantasy where he played the king to our peasants and knights. All of a sudden, he demanded that everyone kneel to him for no reason.”

“Out of fear, everyone knelt to him and fellated his ego. That is, everyone except for me.”

“Do you want to know what I did to that fucking brat? I kicked him in the face and ran home. Word has it he ran to his dad to seek comfort, only to be dissed and dismissed.”

“It felt really damn good to put that piece of shit in his place. It sort of felt like how I imagine it’ll feel beating the piss out of a certain God of a New World.”

“Yeah, I’m talking about you, Deathnote. I’ve been listening to how you want people to kneel before you like a goddamn knight to a king. Frankly, it’s getting pretty fucking ridiculous.”

“You expect people to fear you and do it to stroke your fragile ego because your daddy happens to be Death incarnate and you could get him to reap their souls for not playing by your rules.”

“In reality, daddy doesn’t give a single shit about you. He sees you as just another lackey in this chase for Sigil and would gladly sacrifice you if it meant that he’d stop that collector from getting the last stone.”

“You might have that book of death dates, but that toy of yours won’t stop me from kicking your ass. In fact, it would encourage me to kick your ass even harder if you told me as a form of intimidation. At that point, I’d have nothing to lose.”

“So go ahead, tell me to kneel. Just be prepared to get your teeth kicked in when I don’t.”

“After I’m through with you, you’re going to run to daddy and tell him all about what I did to you. You’ll be dissed and dismissed by him like you always are.”

“I’m not going to let you win. I’m not going to let you take the lead in this match either. I’m going to beat your fucking ass until it turns blue and red.”

“I’m a hungry girl, Deathnote, and this hungry girl’s gotta eat!”