The Circus

In Promo by Sir Gable

When I was a child, I was enamored with the circus.

It was the spectacle of it all.

From the moment you entered the big top, it felt like going into a different world.

You would say goodbye to everything from your mundane normal life, school and home life were forgotten when you left the world illuminated by the sun and entered the world shrouded in darkness.

Any light source there was was focused right where it should be, on the performers who let us have a quick visit to their world.

It all started with the ringleader, the main man behind it all being in the center of it all hyping the crowd and making our collective heart beat with anticipation.

He would introduce the acts, one by one.

From the opening contortionist all the way to the closing trapeze artists, I was enthralled with everything.

My parents knew I loved it and would go to the circus everyday if I could so for my 5th birthday party, they tried to bring a bit of the circus to me.

While I was eating my cake, I would hear the classic tune that brought me so much joy as a child.

The universal song that lets you know you’re leaving your small life and entering the big top.

My ears perked up and my eyes darted around trying to find the source.

My excitement was quickly replaced by disappointment as the part of the circus they brought me was my least favorite part, the clowns who they would distract us with as they set up for the next performance.

Not only were they the most boring part of the circus for me, I was frankly terrified of them.

I had no concept of makeup so I just saw people pale as ghosts with faces distorted into a permanent grin that looked less like lips and more like blood. When that clown entered my party, I screamed and ran to my mom.

The clown knew I was scared and not liking it so they tried to comfort me by showing me who they really were behind the makeup.

They grabbed a wet rag and started rubbing away all the paint. When the water hit, the human underneath started to appear. The ghastly pale skin got replaced by a color much more human. The permagrin got shrunken into normalcy.

My fear was gone as all the power the clown had was taken by the water.

You see, SeeSaw, you too find your power with that makeup you cover your face with. It lets you see a version of yourself you actually like but when that water hits and it certainly will with Grimwolf around, it will reduce you to the person you hate.

Andrew Fish, the person that no one likes or respects, certainly no one is afraid of that version of you.

You’ll just flounder aimlessly like all fish and when the water is gone, you’ll be begging for it as your way to breathe will be gone like any ounce of power or dignity you once had.