In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“Manipulative people exist all across Arcadia. They prey upon the desperate and weak, using them to fulfill their wants and desires before tossing them aside like trash.”

“These devious handlers run rampant throughout every level, taking on the guises of seemingly trustworthy and charming people to convince the meek to do things they normally wouldn’t.”

“It’s how groups like the Uprising are formed. They find people already afraid of Zeus and play up their fears of complete oppression by that tyrant before promising them a better world. All they have to do is fight by their side and be willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it.”

“Normally they wouldn’t dream about rebelling. However, when convinced there’s no other option, they’ll be more than happy to die trying to kill the Baron for other’s sakes.”

“Believe it or not, even someone like me was manipulated into becoming a sex slave.”

“I was so desperate for any sort of information about James that I was willing to do anything in order to find out where he was. When Aarman told me what I already knew, he thought I’d be happy with that and remain in Eden as a happy little prisoner.”

“If I was, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, would I?”

“There was a time when I could’ve been manipulated into joining the Uprising, too. I believe in a better future for Arcadia and its people, but knowing the lengths they’ll go to in order to achieve it, I want nothing more than to see them fall.”

“I know what happened in the Red Light District. I know that Narcissa and Jinx had something to do with that explosion that killed thousands of people, innocent and guilty alike.”

“You two hacked that robot into walking into that district. You programmed that machine to detonate and destroy everything in it’s path. And for what? To rob people of the only place they can soothe their sorrows without turning violent?”

“Now you have a plan to manipulate the weak and desperate by saying the APD had taken the one level where people could enjoy themselves without fear of being persecuted. It’s all going exactly like you designed it, isn’t it Narcissa?”

“But I can see through the bullshit you’re trying to pedal. You weren’t counting on someone who wouldn’t happily go along with your words and plans like a good little sheep, and now you and your hacker friend are going to suffer by my hand.”

“The people that died down there were manipulated into taking shelter in the Shark Tank and Eden for the promise of a better life, just like your flunkies in the Uprising. The only difference is that they weren’t fighting for the supposed ‘right side’.”

“They need a hero that will avenge their deaths and burn everything you worked for to the ground. I’m going to be that hero. I’m going to light the match and burn your plans and programs to ashes.”

“Be careful when pedaling lies, you just might get burned.”