Master of Puppets

In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

“You know, it’s not the loud people you need to worry about.  A man walks into a room looking like a Terminator well, all eyes are already on him.  But the motherfucker who cracks a few jokes but is relatively quiet well they’re the ones who’re really pulling the strings.” 

“I saw it all too often on Deathrow, you’d have someone everyone thought was inept and helpless. A bumbling fool convincing others his ideas were their own. A puppet master who knew how to play the strings.” 

“It is brilliant really. You get someone to build something for you. Maybe leave you alone with a prisoner so you could set them free. Perhaps they have others help them with a merry goose chase slash suicide mission to take down the biggest mother on the yard.” 

“By being docile and seeming to be everybody’s best friend you can put almost anyone under your control. No one thinks to pull out the scissors and cut… the… strings.” 

“Isn’t that right, Felix? Remember buddy, Mr. Harold sees all, they don’t call him the Arcadian Ghost without reason. You’ve been playing Doom like a fiddle, first you, convince him to build the Odyssey Pool. Then you want more “Friends” to play with, so you see a trapped and helpless James Jackson, and knowing that freeing him will bring Max to your doorstep, you do just that. More people, to feed to the pool you had built. Finally, we have Tombstone, the OSW Champion, the monster who nearly consumed the entirety of OSW. You simply bring it up in passing like some kind of lark knowing ol’ Stubbins will bite.” 

“We see you, Puppet Master, we see that you’ve surrounded yourself with guys created by a pool of your design.” 

“All the while, Doom happily dances like he’s Howard Handupme, a puppet dancing on his strings. Blissfully unaware that he’s the one who’s actually doing the pulling. He’s just another family member that you’ve created just like Conservator Wolfe or any number of your plush abominations. The only difference is you’ve gone from felt, to skin and bone. While you let ol’ man Stubbins think he’s leading the pack you’re happy to sit back and get to see the show you’ve made for yourself on Arcadia’s grandest stage all while you play the jester.” 

“This, however, is where it all comes to a close because you don’t fool us. This is your end, friend.” 

“Because I’ve already had my strings cut.   I was the prisoner who set himself free. I’m no one’s puppet anymore.  I’ve already helped build Arcadia, body by bloody body. Whether you know or Arcadia knows it Nobody is about to become the Colossus of OSW, a monster without a Puppet Master…” 

“To put it bluntly, I am someone you will never be able to control. I am your new curse, Felix and I ain’t handed down by family. Nobody remembers he’s the cold uncaring blade that will be pulled across each and every string of your puppets until you lose control.”