[Zip, flash.] [The OSW logo appears on screen, flashing neon against the brick wall. There’s an audible noise coming from The School Yard as we suddenly appear inside, watching as the crowd chant “OS-DUB” after one hell of an Invasion event.] [It takes Errol Flint’s music to send that cheering crowd into a chorus of boos as the Chairman steps out onto the entrance ramp. He heads straight towards the ring and retrieves a microphone, the fans making themselves perfectly clear how they feel about him.]

“You sold out, you sold out!” [They chant in unison, leaving Errol struggling for a moment to speak.]

“I-“ [He tries to speak but the chants get louder and louder, halting him again.] “I don’t really a give a damn about your opinion.”

[That doesn’t help and their chants turn to boos.]

“Last week I did what I had to do to rescue my daughter. I don’t feel bad about it and I’m not going to apologize either.”

[Suddenly, the opening lick of Steve Vai’s wonderful guitar playing from “For The Love of God” rings out over the arena. Mike Lane walks out from the shadows with no pomp and circumstance, looking like one pissed off son of a bitch. He storms straight to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, walking past Flint with a shoulder barge and receiving a microphone.]

“Let me make sure I heard you right; you’re not going to apologize?” [Flint shakes his head ‘no’ as Lane grimaces.] “That’s probably a good thing because believe me when I say, it wouldn’t be enough. Do you know why I’ve come out here Flint? I’ve come for your blood.”

[Errol backs away afraid as the fans roar in approval. They want to see him get his ass kicked here tonight.]

“Just hold on a second son, just hold on!” [Flint pleads with his hand in the air, backing away all the while.] “I know you’re mad but think about this. I still hold all the cards and you’re not exactly in my good graces.”

[Lane’s eyebrows immediately furrow at that. He scoffs, finding it unbelievable that Errol Flint has such audacity.]

“Do you think I give a damn about the World Championship tonight?” [Mike asks, taking off his t-shirt.] “I didn’t come here to settle that score. I came here to kick your ass from that pillar to that post because I’m the Shadowking and I endure, but people like you? They die.”

[Mike throws the microphone down and goes to approach Flint, who immediately panics.]

“WAIT!” [he screams in fear, exiting the ring.] “Wait a damn minute! I’ll give you a match tonight, I’ll fight you in the middle of that ring, No Disqualifications, but it’ll be for your OSW World Championship!” [The fans ‘ooh’ in shock as Lane tilts his head to the side.] “That’s right kid, I said it. Do you think you’re the only one furious about what happened at Invasion? It should have never gotten that far. My daughter might love you but I don’t and the last person I want holding my Championship is YOU!”

[Mike nods his head in agreement as Flint backs away up the entrance ramp, a match set for the Main Event tonight. Mike Lane will defend his World Championship against The Chairman in a No Disqualification Match!] [DING DING DING! Reese and Evil lock up. Evil places a side headlock on Alex. He sweeps Alex’s legs and takes him down. Evil tightens the pressure on Evil as the fans BOOOOOO! The ref asks Resse if he wants to quit but he shakes his head NO! Reese is able to roll Evil up into a pin! Quick one count as Evil kicks out. Reese breaks out of the side headlock and quickly stomps at the head of Evil. He picks up Evil and whips him into the turnbuckle. Alex comes running towards Evil with a FLYING KNEE SMASH but he DODGES and Alex’s knee is driven right into the turnbuckle! Alex kneels down grabbing at his right knee, grimacing at the pain.] [Evil takes advantage, with a strike right to knee. He lifts him up FALLAWAY SLAM! Reese is in trouble. He tries to get to his feet but NO! Dr. Evil with eh super kick! He’s climbing the ropes now…SWANTON BOMB! SHARKS WITH FRICKEN’ LASER BEAMS! He goes for the cover. 1…2…KICKOUT! Evil bends down to finish the job but NO! From wherever Reese stores up that positivity, he leaps up and ENZIGURI! followed up with THE WAKE UP CALL using Reese’s bad knee!] [Both Evil and Alex go down hard. Evil is almost out cold. Alex is grabbing at his knee in pain. He crawls over and throws his arm over Evil. 1…2…KICKOUT! Reese jumps up and sets Evil up for THE HEAD SPINNE- NO! Counter! Dr. Evil spins out and goes for the ZIP I- NO! Reese powers out and gives Evil a boot to the midsection. HEAD SPINNER! He hit it! 1…2….3!] [The lights in the arena may be on fully, but the man standing in the middle of the ring doesn’t notice their bright glare. Brent Kersh stands before the audience, and he does not appear to be quite himself. Just a week ago, he found out who his daughter was truly dating. Phoebe Outlaw.]

“I’ve never come out before you people and lied. Even when I had to go under deep cover, I tried to find a way to shout out to the people who have always supported me. So I thank you for your cheers and your applause. But for the first time in a long time, I am just speechless as to how to handle a situation.”

[Sensing his tough situation, the crowd offers some applause for Kersh, but is otherwise respectful.]

“If a monster tries to attack me, I can fight it. And I will fight until I have nothing left to defend my family.” [He stops and looks down for a moment, emotion in his voice.] “But I can’t fight what happened at Invasion.”

[He begins to pace around the ring, trying to get the nervous energy out.]

“I don’t have the words to express my emotions right now. Everything I have fought for seems to be exploding in my face. My twenty years in this sport were all for them. All of the heartache, the pain, the blood, and the tears were all for my family, to put them in the best possible position.”

[Another downward glance from the Enforcer allowing the crowd a moment to show respect to their hero. His lips slightly curl and he nods in response to the cheers before continuing.]

“Yet now my worst fears have come true. I thought the anticipation of finding out who her mystery lover was would tear me apart, but now I realize that finding out is that much worse. How could my daughter do the one thing I asked her not to do. Date a…”

[Brent pauses, not wanting to say the word.]

“Woman?” [The voice of Phoebe Outlaw enters the School Yard.] [Brent’s distress seems to slightly turn to anger as Feebz walks down the aisle, her eyes fixed on Kersh. He shakes his head to signify that she should not be coming down.]

“I get it, Brent. Not the first time I’ve seen it, and people have been doing it for untold years. But you know what, Enforcer? This is all your fault.”

[Phoebe finally enters the ring to stand toe to toe with Kersh, who seems shocked at her words.]

“You brought your family to Retroactive, didn’t you? You wanted them to get to see big daddy win the World title. You brought your little girl into this world, didn’t you? You just wanted it on your terms. Brent Kersh would have his family there to celebrate with him, but they had to be the doting nuclear family at ringside. You just had to be stubborn and have control of the situation.”

[Kersh turns angry at this, and points his finger at Phoebe.]

“Don’t you dare…”

“Dare what?” [Phoebe cuts off the Enforcer.] “Dare to challenge you? Dare to try to open your eyes to what you did to your daughter? Because I sure as hell will do that, because someone has to.”

[The crowd begins to buzz as Danielle Kersh comes running down the aisle. Both Feebz and Kersh watch her get into the ring and get in between the two of them. She is offered a microphone from both of them, but takes the one from Outlaw.]

“Dani…” [Kersh begins to state.]

“No, dad.” [Dani replies, water in her eyes.] “I think you need to listen to me. Please, I am begging you.”

[With some reluctance, Brent nods and lowers his microphone.]

“Do you know how hard it is, Dad, to hold a secret in your heart that you can’t share with the man you love the most in this world?” [Dani asks, pleading in her voice.] “Do you know what it feels like to know that you may be rejected for simply being who you are? I can’t control who I fall in love with.”

[Brent raises his microphone, but Dani cuts him off again.]

“And yes, she is a wrestler, I know that.” [She points at her father.] “But so are you, and I was a wrestler’s daughter. I know what that life means. Do you know how many times I watched mom cry alone in your bed with the door cracked? I would have traded every single gift, every single bit of food on the table for the chance to give my daddy a hug every day after school.”

[The father and son seem to stare at one another for a moment that feels like an eternity.]

“But I didn’t get to do that.” [She gestures back at Outlaw.] “And I’m signing up for that same life again, but this time I get a choice in the matter. Like it or not, Dad, but I’m your daughter. Stubborn as all get out, and I will fight for this until I can fight no more.”

[She steps back, and guides Outlaw up to Brent.]

“So please, both of you,” [She begins, a tear falling down her cheek.] “Work together tonight and every night for that matter. Work this out. For me…”

[She grabs Brent’s big hand and pulls it toward Phoebe, who shakes her head in response. Dani hands back the microphone at her request.]

“I don’t know about all the wrestler stuff, Dani, but all I know is that your dad poking his nose into our business has caused both you and I to be outed to the world. That was our business, and thanks to your father, it’s now the whole worlds. He had our dirty laundry outed to the world.”

[She slaps away Brent’s hand and looks him in the eye.]

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not having Dani turn into Destiny Flint; some plaything that gets abused by people that hate us. So I’m going to protect my lady, like you couldn’t do for her, and at the end of the day you are going to have to accept that your daughter isn’t who you thought she was.”

[Dani looks at both of them, seemingly pleading to no avail.]

“So while you pick up your shattered dreams, you selfish son of a bitch, I’m going to take the reality that is standing in front of you, and we’re going to go live life. Tonight, we team together, but after that you can either stop being a homophobe, or you can get your ass kicked.”

[With a heavy thud, Phoebe Outlaw drops the mic to take her leave of the ring. Dani stares at a pleading Brent for a moment, and then turns to follow Outlaw.] [We are left with a solitary Brent Kersh in the middle of the ring with no idea what to do.] [We cut to your stereotypical shot of a wrestler’s locker room; Jason Dorn leans over a gym bag, stuffing his street clothes into the gym bag. He turns to see a second figure enter the room, much smaller than himself.]

“Here… See that these get dry-cleaned.” [Dorn tosses the bag to the smaller man, who simply stands in stunned silence.] “…They better be cleaned and pressed without a thread out of place. Got that?”

[The smaller man simply stares at the gym bag for a moment, before letting it fall to his feet. Sweeping the hair from his eyes, he steps forward right up to Dorn’s chest.]

“That’s not my job.” [He speaks in a voice thick with a Japanese accent.] “I am a wrestler…”

[At this, Dorn simply laughs a scoffing, accusing chuckle.]

“You… A wrestler? You must be a hundred and fifty pounds soaking wet. You’re no wrestler, you’re a bug that is asking to be squashed.

This…” [Dorn flexes his muscles and shows off his physique.] “…Is the body of the New Age, a true specimen. Who the hell are you?”

“Kolibre.” [He says simply, letting his name hang in the air.] [The name strikes familiarity with Dorn, realising that he is to fight side by side with this man in a few moments time. The New Age shakes his head disappointedly.]

“I’d be better off alone.” [Dorn grabs his gym bag up off the ground and storms out, leaving Kolibre shaking his own head.] [The crowd’s buzzing can be heard at the Gorilla Position just outside the curtain leading into the arena. They are ready for some tag team action and Jenna Sydal is ready for action. She is getting warmed up when Anna Goodchild appears out of nowhere.]

“Let’s do this, Anna. They’re not going to be able to work together. We got this!” [Jenna says, hyped up for the match.] [However, Goodchild merely looks her partner up and down. She does not share the enthusiasm.]

“There is no we here.” [Goodchild responds, getting a surprised look from Sydal.] “Even if they do not work together, there will still be two of them against one.”

[Realization dawns on Jenna.]

“Wait, you’re not going to send me out there alone are you?” [Sydal asks just as her music hits.] [Jenna turns to look out of the curtain, but when she turns back to face her ‘partner’ she finds nothing.] [There’s her answer.] [Jenna glances over her shoulder at the empty ring apron and smirks; without Anna Goodchild on her side, she’s in for a long night. She suddenly charges Phoebe, who doubles her over with a kick. SNAP SUPLEX by Outlaw! Jenna sits up, earning a STIFF kick in the spine which leaves her clenching her hands. Phoebe tears into the ropes and nearly rips Jenna’s head off with a swinging neckbreaker! ONE… TW—Phoebe breaks her own pin and looks at Kersh, who eyes her warily. Outlaw drops an elbow on Jenna before dragging her over to Brent in a front facelock. She tags him in – a little harder than necessary.] [Phoebe climbs out and Brent takes over. He floors Jenna with a Texas-size belly-to-belly suplex. ONE… TWO… kickout by Cydal, who is taking her licks tonight. Brent pulls her up and sends her into the ropes… DOUBLE-A ‘PINEBUSTER! He planted her with that one! ONE… TWO…TH—shoulder up! Phoebe looks at Brent questioningly. He brushes her off and scoops Cydal onto his shoulders, possibly looking for the SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT—Jenna drops down and SHOVES BRENT INTO PHOEBE, BUT HE STOPS HIMSELF! He holds his hands up and immediately turns round to sweep Jenna’s legs. The fans pop as he makes a lasso motion with his hand; they know what’s coming.] [Brent picks Jenna’s leg up and steps over for the LONE STAR – BUT PHOEBE SLAPS HIM ON THE ASS TO TAG HERSELF IN! Big pop for Phoebe as she barges past Brent, whose jaw is still on the mat. Phoebe heaves Jenna up and nails a lightning-fast NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! In one fluid motion, she rolls backwards right into THE NORTHERN CROSS! She has the Anaconda Vise locked in, and there’s nowhere for Cydal to go – SHE TAPS OUT!] [The referee raises Phoebe’s hand, who winks at her tag partner. Brent stands with his hands on his hips in a brooding celebration of a crushing victory.] [The flames flicker from the candles scattered throughout the new home of the man formerly known as Corey Black within in the cells of Black Water Asylum. He stands in the corner of the room as the small amount of light casts shadows upon his darkened frame. The sound of creaking echoes through the walls as the doorway opens to show the gleaming smile of Doctor D’Ville. He enters the room with an orderly in toe. The orderly is carrying a box. The man in white walks to a nearby table and sets the box down. Yet Creeping Death leaps on him with a growl emulating a lion taking down a gazelle. A small chuckle freezes him in place.]

“My friend, why do you waste your energy here? I have three new patients that require our attention this week. Release him as he does our bidding.”

[Creeping Death releases the orderly who quickly evacuates the room.]

“Now, I have brought this box as a… housewarming gift.”

[Doctor D’Ville opens the box and pulls out an archaic record player and quickly sets it up. He turns around with a smile to Creeping Death who looks skeptical. D’Ville plays an old tune in which fills the room. He beams at Creeping Death as he takes a seat in a chair.]

“This week, I want to see fire. I want to see intensity. I want to see you rip them to shreds. My work with Corey Black may have concluded, but my work with Creeping Death has just begun. See you on Monday.”

[Creeping Death turns away from him as he extinguishes one of the candles before him.]

“You’ll see more than a fire. I’m going to burn the damn house down.”

[The steel cage is lowering towards the ring as Doctor D’Ville nods at Smiley who immediately catches Kolibre off guard and knocks him to the floor. The cage comes to its resting place right afterwards locking Kolibre outside of the ring! He looks around for a way in while Doc, Creeping Death, and Smiley turn their attention to Jason Dorn and Maelstrom! Realizing the numbers are down, Dorn hits a running high knee to the back of Smiley! Maelstrom follows suit with a roundhouse to the doctor! Dorn and Maelstrom turn their attention to the third man: Creeping Death.] [Dorn charges him first but is struck by a vicious elbow strike! Maelstrom tries to help but is welcomed by another vicious elbow strike! Creeping Death begins teeing off on both men! ELBOW STRIKES GALORE! He takes a step back… BOMAYE to Dorn! BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE to Maelstrom! Creeping Death is standing tall as Doctor D’Ville smiles cryptically. Smiley and he join CD in the center of the ring. They look up just in time to see Kolibre on top of the cage! DIVING BODY PRESS FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE! THE ASYLUM IS DOWN! Kolibre gets to the feet as the crowd is going crazy! Dorn and Maelstrom get to their feet as well.] [Dorn grabs Smiley and throws him face-first into the cell! Maelstrom grabs the doctor and powerbomb into the steel cage! Creeping Death is up and spews his Black Mist into the eyes of Dorn! Dorn flails around before Smiley comes to just in time to flatten him with a CHELSEA GRIN! Kolibre grabs Smiley and… HUMMINGBIRD HAMMER! Smiley is flattened in the center of the ring!] [Kolibre goes for the pinfall, but Doc whips him towards Creeping Death and more Black Mist! Kolibre is blinded and Doctor D’Ville grabs him for… THE LOBOTOMY! Maelstrom grabs Doc and… THE PURIFICA-NO! Creeping Death interrupts it! CD pulls Maelstrom close and… FOR DEATH OR VICTORY! The submission is locked in tight as Doc is also stomping away on the head as is CD! Maelstrom has no choice but to tap out!] [Smiley, Doc, and Creeping Death stand center ring after their match. The Doctor looks to speak but is quickly cut off.]


[The crowd cheers the arrival of POP, Harrison and Reese at the top of the ramp, a very disgruntled looking Harrison on the mic.]

“D’Ville! We may have had history, but I can assure you, I won’t be falling into your clutches again.”

[Reese steps forward] “And neither will I! Your little drug can’t stop the Power of Positivity. And to prove it, we’re challenging you and Black for the tag team titles!”

[The crowd cheers on POP, but the snickering of D’Ville quiets them a bit. His snickering grows to a slight laugh as he stares the two down.]

“Oh, I knew quite a while before this that you would challenge me for the titles. But I have a little surprise. I won’t be defending them! No! The Asylum invokes the free bird rule! And… I have already chosen the two you will have to beat for those precious titles.”

[Harrison glares at D’Ville] “And which of your pawns do you think can stop us?”

“Well…” [Harrison snaps his fingers and the lights flicker and go out, when they come on SMILEY AND DOUBT ARE BEHIND POP! Smiley gives a demented laugh, like a creatures freed from his cage as he jumps on Harrison, Doubt unleashing a flurry of blows on Reese. POP hits the floor, suffering a brutal beating from the surprise attack. D’Ville calls the two off before speaking once more.]

“Defending the titles will be Doubt and Smiley! Best of luck, boys.”

[The crowd boos as Smiley and Doubt loom over their opponents to be.] [“Why Do I Call Myself a Juggalo” hits on the PA and the fans immediately begin to hiss and boo. Jake Jeckel steps out on to the ramp with a huge smile on face. He holds his new prized possession, the InVasion briefcase in his left hand. He looks thrilled, then a man in a black suit steps through the curtain and Jeckel looks at him with disdain. Jake walks to the ring and climbs in. The suited man follows closely. Jeckel doesn’t like it but deals. He calls for a microphone.]

“Hello!” [He raises the InVasion briefcase high into the air, and the crowd puts off so much heat the School Yard may melt. He smirks and begins talking again.]

“You assholes bow down to the Juggalo King! I’m the god da…[The suited man touches Jake’s arm and whispers in his ear. Jake makes a face as though he just told him his favorite puppy died. Jakes stares daggers though him and raises the mic once more.]

“I am the Juggalo King, and now I am the InVasion Briefcase holder. I run this place! It’s only a matter of time until I make Mike Lane my bitch and take that fuc…” [Another whisper. Jake holds back what we can only assume are quite choice words.] “The World Championship will be mine soon enough. But in the meantime, I’m here to make a huge announcement! I, Jake Jeckel, the most influential man in professional wrestling, will be running for Mayor of Las Vegas!”

[More heat.]

“That’s right, mother fu….[He stops himself and looks at the man in the suit, who nods.] “That’s right. I’m running for mayor. It’s about time someone with some real balls stepped up to run this town, and I’m just the man for the job!”

[Suddenly and totally expectantly… “WHEN IT COMES CRASHING DOWN AND IT HURTS INSIDE!” Marvolo marches out onto the stage and straight to the ring. Raquel struggles to keep up in her heels behind him. He climbs into the ring and demands a mic of his own.]

“Jeggel, Jeggel, Jeggel!” [Jake tries to interrupt, but Marvolo pushes straight through.] “You have no idea what you are getting yourself in to! Marvolo is the ONLY man for the job. Only a real American has the ability… the where-with-all.. THE RIGHT! To be the mayor of a great town like Las Vegas!”

[Raquel nods emphatically behind Marvolo. Jeckel sneers.]

“A real American, huh, muth….Marvolo? [Jeckel asks, catching himself once again. Marvolo mouths “that’s right!”] “Well, we see about “real Americans!” [Jeckel drops the mic and exits the ring. He walks halfway up and turns back to Marvolo, with an evil smirk on his face.]

“What is that supposed to mean!?” [Marvolo calls after him. Jake just continues smiling, and disappears backstage.] “What does that mean!?”

[The scene fades to commercial as Marvolo screams at Jeckel.] [The bell sounds as Nigel is in the ring and wants a piece of King Konstantine having not forgotten about their brief partnership. King smiles at him before allowing Trixxster to start the match off instead. They circle around as King slaps Nigel on the shoulder to distract him. Nigel whips around only to be nailed by an axe handle from The Trixxster! The Trixxster grins as he locks in a Boston crab pulling back on the legs inflicting pain upon Nigel. Nigel slowly crawls and gets to the ropes forcing the referee to pull Trixxster back. Trixxster rushes Nigel but gets caught on the chin by a boot from Royal. Royal gets to his feet and connects with an armdrag. He leaps forward and in comes Max Million!] [Max comes in like a house of fire as he connects with multiple right hands. Trixxster gets up and takes a running elbow strike to the face! Trixxster is stunned as Max kicks him in the gut and… STOCK DROP! The move is hit with perfection as he goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…THREE! NO! Trixxster’s foot was put on the bottom rope by King Konstantine! Million gets in his face but Konstantine hits a LETHAL headbutt that rocks Max! Trixxster is able to crawl over and in comes King Konstantine.] [Konstantine comes in and begins nailing Max with haymakers as Million tries to cover up. Konstantine grabs him around the waist and hits a belly-to-belly suplex! He pulls Million to his feet and… SENTENCED TO DEATH! The buckle-bomb connects as Konstantine hits the ropes for… OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Million hits the ground like a ton of bricks! Konstantine goes for a cover but the referee won’t count! He indicates a tag was made in the corner when the buckle-bomb connected! NIGEL IS IN! He drills Konstantine with a series of chops! He throws Konstantine into the ropes and…. Pop up powerbomb!] [Trixxster spills into the ring to help but Max Million grabs his leg and trips him before dragging both of them out of the ring. Konstantine slowly tries to get up but Nigel wraps his arm between his legs and rears back on the… DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Konstantine tries to reach the ropes but he can’t quite make it! Konstantine taps out!] [When we head to the backstage area, we’re in the office of Errol Flint who appears in a tank top, training with a punch bag. He’s throwing solid right and left hands, ducking shots to the head as Destiny of all people storms in.]

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” [Destiny screams at her father, who barely even stops to pay attention. He keeps throwing punches, prepared to ignore her.] “Don’t you ignore me, I asked you what the hell you think you’re doing!?”

[Errol puts a hand up and tells his trainer to take five, turning to Destiny with a shake of his head.]

“You’ve been through an awful ordeal Destiny; you should be at home getting some rest.”

[That doesn’t sit well with her.] “Rest? You’re going to fight my future husband here tonight and you think I’m going to be able to get some rest? Have you gone mad?”

“Your future husband has an attitude problem. Do you know that when Hunter had you, all he had to do was give up that title of his and you’d have been returned, safe and sound? You went through weeks of torture because he didn’t want to give up the World Championship.”

[Destiny doesn’t know what to say at first. She takes a deep breath and continues.] “I don’t want this, dad. I don’t want you guys to fight and more importantly, I don’t want Mike to do what he does best as your expense.”

[Errol takes a sip from a bottle of water and shrugs.]

“What he’s going to do tonight is endure, just like he always does. What he’s not going to do is leave here with that Championship. I guarantee it.

[Destiny, knowing that she’s not going to get through to her father, storms out of the office, slamming the door behind her. He takes another sip of water and then gets back to training, preparing for the match ahead.] [The bell sounds as both men circle around, feeling eachother out before Marvolo reaches out, signalling for a test of strength that Jenkins obliges. Both men appear equal in strength for a moment until Jenkins takes advantage, powering Marvolo down until Marvolo’s shoulders are almost to the mat. Marvolo powers up however, forcing Jenkins back but Marvolo is forced to break the hold as Jenkins foot flies forward, kicking the #1 in the inner thigh. Marvolo stumbles back, holding his thigh in pain as Jenkins rushes forward, delivering a surprisingly adept series of jabs and hooks at Marvolo, finishing with a big right uppercut that stuns the masked marvel before Jenkins rolls him up with a sloppy cradle] [ONE..TW..Marvolo kicks out as Jenkins pulls him to his feet only to get a palm thrust for his troubles. Jenkins stumbles away, falling into the turnbuckles as Marvolo follows, delivering the machine gun chops, Jenkins screaming and flailing from the pain. The #1 backs up, rushing forward but Jenkins manages to roll away, causing the #1 to slam head first into the turnbuckles. Jenkins backs up as Marvolo turns around, running forward with a head of steam before crushing the #1 with a splash. Jenkins steps back as Marvolo stumbles out of the corner, face bumping the canvas] [Jenkins goes to cover but as he does, Marvolo rolls up into a ball. Jenkins tries to grab him but Marvolo rolls around on the canvas. Eventually, Marvolo reaches out a hand and Jenkins looks like he’s going to grab it but instead kicks Marvolo in the face instead. The #1 is dazed on the canvas as Jenkins stands over his face. Horrifyingly, Jenkins begins to dance, twerking over the dazed Marvolo but as he drops down, Marvolo rolls away. Jenkins gets up, holding his crotch in pain as Marvolo rushes forward, delivering a series of strikes to the chest of Jenkins, finishing the five point technique with a twist. Jenkins staggers back, walking five feet before collapsing onto the canvas as Marvolo drops down, knees first onto the unconscious Jenkins as the referee counts. ONE…TWO..THREE!!!] [After the loss, Jim Jenkins lies in the middle of his ring, trying to catch his breath. No easy task for a man of his stature. Finally, he peels his sweaty, bulbous form from the canvas. He stands, breathing heavily, and calls for a microphone.]

“Marvolo! [Heavy breaths.] “Get back out here, this ain’t over!”

[He stands, still trying to catch his breath. No sign from Number One; apparently it is over. Jenkins waits and then waves his hand dismissively. He walks towards the ropes and begins to climb through the bottom and middle ropes when the arena is plunged into darkness. Requiem of the Night hits in the darkness as the light comes up a bit, but a crimson tone. The Patriot Jim Jenkins backs up into the center of the ring, looking frightened. Then Vlad the Impaler steps out onto the ramp. Jenkins sees him and immediately looks concerned. He raises his microphone, gathering his courage.]

“What do you want, you freak? I aint into no foreign fags!”

[Vlad says nothing, just standing on the stage.]

“Come on then! I ain’t got time for this! Get out here or get outta my way! I’ve got some campaignin’ for the prophet Donald J. Trump. So if you don’t mind….”

[Vlad smiles revealing his white fangs against the dark backdrop.]

“I bet you taste just like America.”

[Vlad says forebodingly. Suddenly the house lights come on, and immediately a wave of red liquid falls from the ceiling, dousing Jim Jenkins with blood. His flab falls straight down into the mess and begins flailing in it.”

“Help me!” [He screams.] “I can’t swim!”

[Vlad lets off another evil grin and disappears backstage. We are left with Jenkins still trying to escape the bloodbath in the middle of the ring.] [POP sits back stage, checking their wounds a bit after the ambush earlier that night.]

“The Doc is coming after one of us, but it has to be me, I’m sure of it.” [Harrison shakes his head, hating the thought.]

“He could be after me, he probably wants you done beaten to a pulp for leaving the Asylum.”

“Whatever the case is, they won’t best us, we’re not weak willed like the puppets he has.”

[As if on cue, the lights flicker a bit and go off. When they come on Smiley stands on the far side of the locker room, standing motionlessly, head cocked to the side with a smile on it. POP jumps up as if ready to attack when they are interrupted, Doubt walking from behind a nearby locker.]

“You two aren’t going to want to do that. I heard D’Ville hasn’t let Smiley out of his cell all week. I think he wanted him antsy. No sudden movements now. We’re just here to give a formal message.”

[Reese curls his lip] “Message or not, if you know what’s good for you you’ll leave right now before we toss you out ourselves.”

[Doubt laughs a bit.] “Calm down, no need to get so angry. Besides, you should be honored, he wants to test a new version of his drug on you two. Let me give you an example. Smiley?”

[Smiley leaps at the two, grabbing Harrison and Doubt grabbing the surprised Reese. Without warning both men shove pills into the mouths of the one they grabbed. POP fights back, throwing the duo off of them and getting ready to brawl when Smiley speaks up.]

“Now now… you should know. One of you got a placebo, the other got the real thing. I wouldn’t start a fight now, one of you may turn…”

[The duo stop in their tracks, turning to stare at each other, in horror and anger. They turn back to question the duo to find them gone, leaving POP to figure this out on their own.] [The Scarecrow stands centre-ring, gently swaying like a stock of corn in the breeze. The Shark stalks his prey in ever-tightening circles, his blue fin-like mohawk cutting through the air… HE LATCHES ONTO SCARECROW! The Hayman is taken aback by Shark’s newfound ferocity, having tangled with the loveable Axel before. He flings him off, but Shark comes back for more – only to eat a BIG BOOT! Shark is right back up, however, and he races up to ‘Crow with a flurry of kicks and punches, actually pushing him into the ropes! ‘Crow wraps his mits around Shark’s head and sends him FLYING across the ring with a grunt!] [The Creature of the Cornfield advances, but Shark hits a low dropkick! With ‘Crow kneeling, Shark hits the ropes and comes back for a SUSHI KICK – countered with a TILT O’ WHIRL SLAM by Scarecrow! ONE… TWO… kickout! ‘Crow peels him off the mat, only to plant him with a powerbomb which leaves Shark arching his back in pain! ONE… TWO… TH- shoulder-up! Scarecrow glares at the referee, who backs off hastily. ‘Crow picks Shark up again, but the Asylum inmate hits a gut punch – then THROWS A FISTFUL OF HAY AT SCARECROW! He just used the Last Straw against him!] [Scarecrow misses a furious but blind HAYMAKER as Shark tears into the ropes again. ‘Crow CATCHES HIM and THROWS HIM UP for the BYE BYE BIRDIE – but Shark drops down behind him! Lightning-fast back elbow by the Harvester, but Shark avoids it. Shark comes off the ropes with his hand held to his forehead – FIN-NISH HIM headbutt to Scarecrow’s gutted abdomen! The Hayman is on his knees and SUSHI KICK BY THE SHARK… but Scarecrow doesn’t go down! The Shark tugs at his hair in frustration before going for the kill with ANOTHER SUSHI KICK – BYE BYE BIRDIE! SCARECROW POPPED HIM UP RIGHT INTO THE CHOKESLAM OUT OF NOWHERE! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Scarecrow slowly rises to his feet, stoic even in victory here tonight.] [When we come back from a commercial break, the entire High Society clan stand inside the ring, boos engulfing them as they do. They try their best to overcome such noise, but find themselves trapped by a desire to speak and the audience, who despise them. Max Million has a microphone in hand and is determined to have his voice heard.]

“Last week, I made a promise to my companions that I would confront the person responsible for torturing High Society,” [Max says amongst the boos.] “And tonight, I’m going to do exactly that. For those of you who don’t know, High Society was born in a different era. It was born between myself and Donovan Carter. Now Carter was a good friend of mine but it dawned me, there’s no one man in the world who’d hate to see part of his creation reimagined so successfully.”

[Max begins to pace the ring, focused and unwavering.]

“So Donovan, I’ve invited you here tonight to settle this once and for all. Would you please come out here!”

[The lights in the arena dim with only flickers of blue lights flashing all over the arena. Shots of Miami appear on the screen showing various buildings and streets. Finally, the name CARTER appears in bold black and grey letters followed by scenes of in-ring action of Donovan followed by dollar bills filling up the screen.] [“Money to Blow” by Birdman hits as Donovan slowly walks around to a cheering crowd. He pauses at the top of the ramp way and he grins looking both ways soaking in the crowd’s ovation. He then makes his way slowly down the ring.] [The former IWF alumni and Tag Team partner of Max Million stands opposite him, a big smile on his face.]

“Wipe that smile off your face, you cretin!” [Nigel Royal says snatching the microphone from Max.] “Now I don’t care who the bloody hell you think you are sunshine, but we’ve had enough of being tortured.”

[Donovan asks for a microphone from Paloma Ruiz and with a puzzled expression, shakes his finger.]

“You gentlemen are barking up the wrong tree. Now don’t get me wrong, not everything you’ve said here is false. It truly pains me to see you three idiots tarnishing the legacy of High Society,” [he mocks as Max has to forcibly hold back a furious Royal.] “And if I were on this roster, I’d make it my mission to put you three out of business. Having said that, I’m not on this roster and I’m not the man you’re looking for.”

[Max’s brow furrows as he takes the microphone back from Nigel.] “Excuse me?” [he beckons as Donavon attempts to leave.] “Is that it? Do you think you can come here and insult us like this?”

[Suddenly Nigel Royal strikes with a brutal right hand that stuns Carter – who whilst suited and booted is in no position to wrestle. Max and Culture Boy immediately join the assault, beating Carter to the canvas and stomping away at him. As the fans boo, Million and Baxter pull him back to his feet and throw him to Royal who snaps him down to the canvas with the DUNGEONS OF LONDON!] [The noise is incredible as High Society make an example of poor Donovan Carter and release some of their pent up frustration here tonight!] [The scene comes to a close with Royal releasing the hold, getting back to his feet and being congratulated by his team mates. High Society exit the ring, but they’re apparently no closer to finding out who is torturing them.] [Mike Lane sits in his locker room, World Championship on the bench next to him as he wraps his hands and prepares for battle with his future father law here tonight. Just then, the door opens and in walks Destiny.] [The Champ immediately stands up and hugs her.]

“I thought you were staying home to rest?” [he asks with concern.]

“I couldn’t,” [she responds with a different tone.] “I need you to listen to me Mike. Tonight, my father is out of his mind. He wants to fight you because you didn’t give up the belt and he’s dead set on it. I can’t change his mind.”

[Lane raises an eyebrow.] “And what about you? Do you think I should have given it up?”

[There’s an awkward pause in which she doesn’t respond at first.]

“That’s neither here or there. I don’t think he’d have handed me over even if you did and then you’d have lost your only bargaining chip. At the end of the day, my father saved me. He conscripted Pig and Luther and- “

“I’m sorry,” [Mike suddenly interrupts.] “I know you think I didn’t do enough but I thought I could get him to talk. I thought I could beat him into submission. Aren’t you fed up of people thinking they can bend us to their will?”

[Destiny thinks about it but changes the subject.] “I just need you to not do this tonight. I need you to go home, just walk away, for once please just walk away.”

[Mike thinks about it for a moment and then shakes his head.] “I can’t do that Destiny, I’m sorry.”

[For the second time tonight, Destiny storms out of there, furious that she can change neither man’s mind about tonight’s match. Mike thinks about it, hands on hips, knowing that for the second time he’s disappointed his future wife.] [“Carry on my Wayward Son!” Kansas hits and Ash Williams explodes on stage to a huge ovation from the fans. He swaggers down to the ring displaying the OSW Hardcore Championship around his waist. He looks confident as he readies to take on former OSW World Champion, Red River Jack.]

“Well, if it isn’t the snake to my mongoose…”

[Ash’s music cuts and he looks around befuddled.]

“…or is it the mongoose to my snake? I still haven’t looked into that one.”

[As soon as we recognize Dr. Evil’s voice his image pops up on the Tron.]

“Remember me, Williams!?!” [Dr. Evil smirks.] [Ash looks concerned, calling for a microphone from someone at ringside. Dr. Evil doesn’t wait, quickly answering for him.]

“Of course you do. After all, you are the one that gave me this.” [Dr. Evil points to the scar on his face.] “Incidentally enough, this is also exactly why I’ve made it my life’s ambition to scar you, Williams!”

“Matt, listen to me… I never meant to…”

[Dr. Evil doesn’t give Ash a chance to respond.]

“Eee!” [Dr. Evil interrupts.]




“Ohh!” [Dr. Evil laughs.] “No, but seriously, I’m going to scar you. Part one of my plan, I’m ganna’ take your World Heavyweight title! … What’s that?” [Dr. Evil turns to someone off camera.] “Not World Champion? He does have a belt though, right? … Hardcore? Didn’t anyone think to fricking tell me that!”

“Listen, kid, you’ve got to believe me…”

“No, you believe me, Williams! Every single member of the OSW roster competes in the Pandemonium match… but you, well you aren’t going to be there. Connect the dots.”

“Cories…” [Ash gives it one last try.]

“Oh and Williams, remember… the Doctor’s doors are always open.” [Dr. Evil turns again to someone off camera.] “Louise who?”

[The feed cuts, leaving Ash annoyed and concerned all at the same time… but he doesn’t have time to worry about Cories, or should we say Dr. Evil right now… because here comes Red River Jack!] [The bell sounds. The two brutes get to the center of the ring and exchange fists. Jack grabs Ash by the back of the head and lands knees to Williams’ face. Jack pushes Ash into the ropes and continues to land knees while Williams tries to block them with his elbows. Jack sends Ash into the ropes and connects with an elbow sending Ash to the mat. Jack stalks Williams as he crawls to the ropes, trying to bring himself to his feet. Jack lands some boots to the rib area of Williams. RRJ whips Ash into the ropes and puts his head down. Ash kicks Jack in the face which causes him to stumble backwards. Ash rushes at his opponent and lands a Big Clothesline! Jack is sent through the ropes and to the outside of the ring.] [Williams follows Jack to the floor and continues his offense. Forearm Smashes to the back of Jack. RRJ turns to face Ash and lands a kick to the mid section. He follows it up with three consecutive fists to Williams’ face. The ref has begun his Ten count. Ash grabs Jack by the waist and RUNS HIM INTO THE RING POST! Ash tosses Jack back into the ring. Williams grabs onto the second rope, pulling himself to the apron, WHAT A KNEE! JACK WITH A RUNNING KNEE! Williams seems dazed! Jack bounces off the ropes… WILLIAMS JUST TOOK JACK’S HEAD OFF WITH THAT SLINGSHOT CLOTHESLINE!] [Ash is going for it… HAIL TO THE KING! Jack is fighting it! Jack pulls Ash’s legs out from under him! Jack looks like he’s going for a submission… JACK JUST WHIPPED ASH NECK FIRST INTO THE BOTTOM ROPE! Ash Williams is in some serious pain as he rolls to the outside of the ring. The referee begins his Ten count. The School Yard cheers Williams to get back into the ring. WILLIAMS IS BACK IN AT NINE! RRJ lands a stiff boot to Ash’s gut. Jack acts quickly… SEEIN’ RED! JACK GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE! RED RIVER JACK IS YOUR WINNER HERE AT THE SHOWCASE!] [Vinnie Lane heads to the backstage after his recent match, tired out from the competition against Pig. As he moves through one of the corridors he uses his hand to lean against a door frame only to very quickly to jump back in pain. He looks to his now bloodied hand then back to the door frame, realizing the frame had been covered in nails!]

“What the fuck!?”

[Lane is both confused and very angry. He turns to raise hell in the hall when the backstage corridor begins filling with red mist and fog. The fog just thick enough that Lane’s chest barely poked out over it. He snarls and looks around for the source.]

“Blood in the water, a little fishy leading me right to him!” [The voice is very sing songy, kind of playful even.] [Lane looks around himself, ready to put up a fight.]

“I’m not in the mood for games, Axel!”

“No no, not Axel. It’s the Shark, just the Shark…”

[Lane moves forward through the red mist and kicks around in it, likely trying to find The Shark. He shakes his head and uses his hands to try and clear the mist a bit, tossing some of the blood off of his hand by accident.]


[Shark leaps forward from the mist, tackling Vinnie into the mist and obscuring the two. Struggling is heard before a chomp and a scream end it. The red fog slowly lifts afterwards, revealing Lane leaning against a wall and grasping his bloodied neck, a visible bite mark on it. EMTs soon rush to Lane, checking on his wounds.] [We’re moments away from a huge Triple Threat Match and stood by with Nox Bellator in the ring when suddenly, the lights dim.]

“One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them.”

[Flames suddenly start licking around the ring, trapping Bellator within them, the glow and heat spreading light around the dimmed ringside area.]

“The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

[The flames suddenly vanish and the lights come back on, revealing Lux Bellator stood in the ring, apparently unharmed and suffering no signs of having been set on fire last week.] [The crowd go absolutely crazy as Nox stumbles back into the corner, absolutely stunned by what he’s witnessing. Lux points at him and raises his arms, beams of light shooting from the rafters down into the ring, as if God himself as shone a light on The Light Warrior.] [Nox runs at him with everything he has, but Lux dodges, sliding to the outside as the light inside the ring intensifies. We can’t barely see a thing here and when that light subsides, Lux has gone, leaving Nox in the middle of the ring on his knees, confused, lost and in a state of complete and utter shock.] [And his match is up next.] [The bell sounds as all three men circle around the ring, Bellator clearly dumbfoudned after seeing Lux rise from the ashes once again. Doubt immediately charges Bobby Neptune with a series of punches. Nox Bellator whips Doubt back around before connecting with a lariat. Doubt comes to his feet before getting hit by a northern lights suplex with a bridging pin! ONE…Neptune breaks it up. Roundhouse kick catches Nox as he gets back to his feet but Neptune springs off the second rope and connects with a knee to his face! RED GIANT! Neptune turns his attention to Doubt who is now back up as he hits a European uppercut! Doubt staggers backwards into the corner where Neptune charges for a Yakuza kick!] [Doubt ducks the boot and slides out before connecting with a jumping corkscrew forearm to the back of Neptune’s head while he’s caught on the rope! Bobby crumbles to the mat. Doubt turns around to see Nox standing there as if he’d been watching. Dropkick lights up the chin of Doubt as Nox is now the aggressor. Nox whips Doubt into the corner before lifting him up to the top turnbuckle. Doubt fights back hitting a few elbow strikes only for Nox to leap up with a shoryuken strike! Doubt is groggy as Nox rushes him with a FRANKENSTEINER! Doubt thuds off the mat hard as Nox quickly pins him. ONE…TWO…] [Neptune breaks it up! Bobby Neptune climbs the turnbuckle quickly before leaping for… SUPERNOVA! The diving facesmash takes Nox to the ground. He goes for a pinfall. ONE…TWO…NO! Doubt breaks it up. Doubt lifts up Nox and… EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Nox Bellator is out but BOBBY NEPTUNE IS ON THE TOP ROPE! TITAN’S CRASHDOWN on Nox Bellator! Doubt comes to interrupt the pinfall, but Bobby hits the second rope and… RED GIANT AGAIN! Doubt staggers back out of the ring as Bobby hooks a leg on Nox! ONE…TWO…THREE!]


[The words ring out in the chamber that has become the home of King Orwell’s Court. Beneath the giant head of the wolf that is his sigil, Orwell himself presides over his followers. The new Jester, Trixxster, sits at a place of honor just below the raised throne. The All-Star Championship shines on the shoulder of the King.]

“Jester, hast thy plotted punishments begun?” [Orwell demands of his jester, who merely grins behind his face paint.]

“Not yet, milord.” [Trixxster answers with a smirk, standing against the rise of Orwell’s ire.] “But the first looms overhead.”

[The weird words of Trixxster raise everyone’s attention to the wolf’s head above them…] […Where Bobby Neptune kneels, dropping eaves on the Court.]

“Intruder!” [Lord Tremblay calls out.] [With a grin on his face, Neptune flies from the top of the wolf to take out the King’s Guard with a precarious dive! Tremblay shields the Queen while Orwell hugs his Championship. Trixxster seems unaffected by this turn of events.]

“Give me back my belt, Orwell, and this will all be over. Never forget what it means to look up!” [Neptune confidently states, walking towards the throne.]

“Halt, Robert.” [Orwell states, while Neptune almost cracks up and ignores him. The Champ advances…] […or tries to. Instead, he finds himself falling to his knees. His feet appear stuck to the ground. Trixxster merely grins once more, kneeling beside Neptune.]

“Your first punishment for heresy, Neptune, is to endure the King’s Justice. You must learn to kneel, and look up to your liege.”

[Trixxster produces a long leather whip from some unknown place, and hands it to Orwell, who eyeballs it with glee.]






[CRACK!] [Orwell continues to whip Bobby Neptune, but the All-Star Champion does not look up to hail the King. His defiance continues as we fade away with the angry voice of Konstantine looming as Trixxster cackles over whatever his next punishment will be.] [We’re back inside the office of Errol Flint who’s done training here tonight and looks ready for his match with Mike Lane. Into the office then walks Luther, accompanied by the man who saved his daughter; Pig.] [Flint immediately stands on ceremony.]

“I know why you’re here,” [he quickly concludes.] “You want what you’re owed, don’t you?”

[Luther nods.] “You asked us to find your daughter and we did as you requested.”

“That you did. I guaranteed you a reward for that, didn’t I? So here’s what I’m going to do for you; at Pandemonium, Pig will get his shot at the RAGE World Championship when he faces The Scarecrow.”

“That’s great Errol but we were thinking about something better. We don’t care for RAGE, never have and never will. What Pig wants is a fight with James Hunter.”

[Flint thinks about it for a minute.] “I’ll tell you what gentlemen, I’m a man of my word and I think you’re right; it’s about time RAGE left Old School Wrestling. I don’t know about you but having that blemish on the ass cheek of life in my company is a disgrace. So at Pandemonium, I’m going to make all your dreams come true.”

[Pig looks at Luther who pulls him close in excitement.]

“Therefore it’ll be a World Championship Unification Match. It’ll be The Scarecrow vs. Pig vs. James Hunter vs. the World Heavyweight Champion; ERROL FLINT!”

[Luther immediately offers him a handshake.] “That sounds like an excellent plan to me, sir.”

[Flint nods.] “Before you go, I am going to need just one more thing from you. Close the door and let’s have a chat, shall we?”

[The cameraman is unceremoniously pushed out of the office as Luther closes the door, getting down to business with Errol Flint.] [What does the Chairman want from them now?] [Jake Jeckel strolls to the center of the ring after the bell rings. He holds it high in the air almost taunting Bruce Van Chan with it. Bruce meets him in the center before… SMACK! Bruce just slaps the shit out of him! Jake staggers back for a moment before being dropped by a standing dropkick that tags him on the chin. Bruce is pissed as he picks up Jake and smashes him face first into the mat with an Omega Driver! Bruce looks at the referee who leans down with a microphone. He asks the question and awaits Jake’s response.]

“Fuck you, bitch.”

[That colorful response is met with boots from Bruce who lifts him up only to receive an elbow to the balls… JUGGA-BLOW! Bruce bows over but Jake hits a series of chops followed by a suicide clothesline taking both men over the top and to the floor! Both men slowly get to their feet but Bruce kicks Jake in the back of his leg as he folds backwards for NAP TI- NO! Jake fights out to connect with a bicycle kick! Bruce is stunned before Jake wraps his arms around Bruce’s waist and… RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE STEEL POST! Bruce crumbles to the floor as Jake tells the referee to ask. Bruce’s eyes are rolling around in his head but he manages to speak up.]

“No… NEVER!”

[Jake grabs Bruce up again and… THE JUGGALO JACKHAMMER ON THE FLOOR! He looks at Bruce who is stirring again! Jake climbs into the ring and grabs his briefcase with sinister thoughts on his mind. He slides outside and pulls Bruce to a standing position while leaning against the steel post. He smiles as he slowly kisses the briefcase.] [He rushes forward and CONNECTS! Bruce’s head is smashed between the briefcase and the steel post! Bruce falls to the ground as blood is now flowing from the back of his head! The referee asks him if he wants to give up and Bruce softly murmurs something leading to the referee ringing the bell!] [After that gruelling match with Jake Jeckel, Bruce Van Chan rolls back into the ring and with the microphone in hand that the referee had, begins to spill his fury.]

“For months now I have been the victim,” [he says as the crowd afford him some silence.] “I have been beaten from pillar to post and had my family dishonoured, insulted and devoured by men like Jake Jeckel.”

[He paces the ring now, getting it all out.]

“Red River Jack, if you think for one single second that I’m going to be the victim again, you have another thing coming. I’m done being the victim. If you want me so badly, if you want to be the end of Bruce Van Chan then by all means, come and get it!”

[Bruce throws the microphone down and waits in the middle of the ring, demanding that Jack come and get some.] [But nothing happens.] [There’s no music, no darkness, no Red River Jack. Bruce paces some more until the tron suddenly flicks on, showing Red River Jack digging a grave. He’s hot, sweaty and appears to have been at it for a while by the time we reach him.]

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, man, but I’m a little busy. People have been askin’ me since last week, they’ve been askin’ me why, man. They want to know why Bruce Van Chan and why death. What they should be askin’ is why I’m diggin’ a grave.”

[He pulls the last lot of dirt out and wipes the sweat from his brow, leaving a muddy mark.]

“You see man; I’m going to bury the liar that is Bruce Van Chan. I’m going to bury you six feet deep but first, I’m going to bury everything you lie to and everything you love.”

[Bruce suddenly realizes what that means. He rolls to the outside and immediately asks Ruiz for her cell phone, receiving it and frantically dialling Paige’s number.] [Only we can hear the ringing.] [And Red River Jack is the man who answers.]


[Absolutely terrified that Jack has Paige’s phone, he hops the barricade and storms through the crowd, likely on his way home to find out what’s going on. Meanwhile, Red laughs sadistically in the dirt, hanging up her cell phone and taking a seat as we head to a fade.] [Where the hell is Paige? Has she suffered a similar or worse fate than Jake Jeckel had planned for her? Is she in that grave?] [The bell sounds as Pig rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but Vinnie bails, not wanting anything to do with the monster. Vinnie tentatively gets up on the apron, ducking under a right hand as he grabs Pig, slamming his throat over the top rope. Vinnie turns to the crowd, taunting them but as he turns around, Pig is at his feet, as he grabs Vinnie by the neck, throwing him into the ring. Vinnie gets up right into a pair of double knees to the chest before he’s thrown half-way across the ring with a T-Bone Suplex] [Pig tries to pull Vinnie up to his feet but is given a thumb to the eye for his troubles as Vinnie leaps up, grabbing the staggering Pig by the shoulders and delivering a lightning quick lungblower. Vinnie drops down, kicking the right leg of Pig a few times but an attempt at a Calf Killer is powered out by Pig who slowly starts to get to his feet. Pig gets up to his feet just as Vinnie rushes in, delivering a high knee that staggers the monster before grabbing him in an arm wringer, BAD MEDICINE! Pig is driven into the canvas as Vinnie drops down for the first cover of the match] [ONE…TWO…Pig gets the shoulder up. Vinnie pulls Pig to his feet, driving him into the canvas again with a snap suplex before going up top. The Megastar lines up Pig, diving off right into the Great Destroyer. Massive superkick and Vinnie looks to be out cold as Pig signals for the end, pulling Vinnie up to his feet but as Pig hoists him in the air, Vinnie wiggles away, dropping behind Pig and as the Monster turns around, he gets a kick to the gut before he’s lifted up and driven down into the canvas with the Black Label Driver. Vinnie drops down, hooking Pig’s leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Errol Flint has his hoody on and he’s ready for the Main Event. Could he do it? God only knows but before he goes anywhere, Bobby Neptune has stepped into his office and has a fair question or two.]

“Can we deal with this later, I have a match,” [Flint arrogantly says, almost blowing the youngster off. When he sees that Neptune hasn’t left, he sighs in frustration.] “Let me guess, you want to know what your prize is for winning the Triosmania Triple Threat?”

[Bobby nods.] “I do but I also want my Championship back. Konstantine has been running around with my All-Star Championship for weeks now and I’d settle for having that back in my possession.”

[Flint cackles with laughter – not the first time someone has laughed at Neptune tonight, who clearly looks frustrated.]

“That’s your problem kid, that’s not the reward. Since you’re the All-Star Champion, there’s no point in rewarding you with a title shot, is there?” [He says to surprising agreement from Bobby.] “So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you King Konstantine next week on Monday Night Showcase in a Game Of Thrones Match. If you beat him, it’ll count for two of your Championship defences, taking you to three successful title defences of five and to sweeten the pot, not only is the belt not on the line but if you win, Konstantine will be fired for good.”

[Bobby looks stunned.] “That’s great, thank you.”

“I’m not finished yet,” [Flint admits.] “Winning Triosmania is a challenge on par with competing at the highest level and you’re undefeated, kid. You’ve had nine matches and won every single one of them. Therefore, at Pandemonium, you’ll be the first entrant. It’s time to see what you’re really made of.”

[Neptune lets that soak in for a minute. When Pandemonium rolls around, he’ll be the very first entrant in the match against an entire roster full of opponents. He finally turns to walk away, only he stops, comes back and asks the all-important question.]

“What’s a Game Of Thrones Match?” [Bobby asks with a raised eyebrow.]

“Oh its very simple Bobby. You have to beat the living hell out of your opponent until they kneel in front of you, whilst you sit on the Iron Throne. The match can’t be won until your opponent is forced to bend the knee.”

[Bobby gulps as the scene comes to a close.] [When we appear in the backstage area, there’s a massive brawl taking place. Pig is being thrown from pillar to post, slammed against walls and just about any object that can be found. His attacker; James Hunter.]

“Did you think I was going to stand by and let you make him Champion?” [James asks as he stomps down on Pig, slamming shots into his mid-section.] “Is that what you thought?”

[Hunter pulls him back to his feet only the lights go off.] [When they return, The Scarecrow is stood behind The Question. He spins him around and slaps his hand around his throat, lifting him straight into the air and nailing him with a Chokeslam on the concrete floor!] [Pig stumbles and immediately tries to attack, only Scarecrow is too quick and side-steps him, running him head first into a nearby stack of pallets. The RAGE Champion stands tall over both of his fallen foes, opening his jacket to reveal the RAGE World Championship.]

“Where your eyes don’t go…”

[Flutter, darkness, black.]

“Fear The Scarecrow.”

[The lights return to show that The Scarecrow has vanished, leaving Pig and James Hunter unconscious on the floor. These three guys and either Errol Flint or Mike Lane will head into Pandemonium for a Unification Match for the ages and The Scarecrow has just sent them a major message here tonight.] [The crowd rally as Mike Lane and Errol Flint stand opposite each other in the middle of the ring. The noise inside The School Yard is rambunctious to say the least as the bell sounds and both these men begin trading right and left hands!] [Punches rattle between both men, rocking each other’s skulls until Flint is stumbled back into the corner. Mike runs at him, only the Chairman reaches inside his pocket and throws powder in the eyes of the Champion! Lane stumbles backwards, unable to see and swinging for the hilt at nothing but air. Errol ducks in, picking his punches at the World Champion before finally taking him to the canvas with a large right hand.] [The fans boo as Flint drops into the cover.. One… KICK OUT and with authority! Lane rolls away, rubbing at his eyes frantically as Flint slides to the outside and drags him out of the ring. He slams him immediately into the ring table, only Mike must’ve regained some vision because he blocks it, driving Flint’s head down onto it instead!] [He grabs a bottle of water from commentary and clears his vision by splashing it across his face. Flint realizes he has to escape and hops over the barricade and into the audience. Mike follows, attacking him from behind with a Clothesline to the back of the head. Flint hits the concrete floor with authority and here comes Lane. The Champion drops down onto the steps, pummelling away at the Chairman with right hands as the fans cheer raucously nearby. He finally pulls him to his feet and punches him up the steps, towards the stairwell.] [Errol rests on the fire door, trying to catch his breath as Lane storms at him with a massive Shoulder Block! FLINT FLIES THROUGH THE DOOR AND ALMOST OVER THE BALCONY OF THE STAIRWELL INSIDE! HOLY CRAP! He holds on for dear life as The World Champion storms in, grabbing him by the head and slamming him face first into the railing. Errol falls to the floor atop the stair well, the door now slammed shut behind them. We’re two flights up here tonight and Flint doesn’t even know where he is as Mike takes a run up and BOOTS HIM SQUARE IN THE HEAD!] [HOLY FUCKING SHIT! ERROL FLINT FLIES BACKWARDS, ROLLING DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! The Chairman collapses in a heap at the bottom and by god, he might be broken in half! The World Champion walks down the stairs to meet him at the bottom and literally THROWS HIM DOWN THE SECOND FLIGHT OF STAIRS TO THE BOTTOM! ERROL FLINT MAY VERY WELL BE DEAD, DAMNIT! Mike jogs down the stairs to meet him and stops at the bottom, only to finally cover… One…… Two……. Three! NO! ERROL FLINT KICKS OUT!] [How the hell did he do that!? The fans can’t believe it, Lane can’t believe and nor can the referee. Errol may be a son of a bitch but he’s apparently a tough son of a bitch no less. Mike drags him back up and throws him into the backstage area now, slamming him with a boot as he hits the floor.] [This has been the complete and utter destruction of Errol Flint. The World Champion pulls him back to his feet and slams him into a vending machine, breaking the glass with such force that Flint immediately arches as he falls to the floor.] [Lane grabs him by the head and throws him through the door to the medical office, watching as he bounces off the units, swiping medical utensils off the side as he goes. He follows him in but JAMES HUNTER APPEARS BEHIND HIM IN THE DOORWAY WITH A SYRINGE!! WHAT THE FUCK!!? HUNTER JAMS THE SYRINGE INTO HIS NECK AND INJECTS! WHAT THE HELL? Mike Lane immediately clutches his neck and falls to the floor, passing out thanks to whatever was in that needle. Hunter watches as Flint falls to his knees and crawls into the cover, hooking a leg for good measure. You have got to be kidding me.. surely not.. surely not like this… One…… Hunter leans in to watch…… Two…. Kick out Mike, kick out! Please, for the love of God kick out…. THREE!! NO! IT CANNOT BE! ERROL FLINT IS THE NEW OSW WORLD CHAMPION!] [The bell sounds as the fans in the arena look on in absolute shock and terror. Boo’s slowly start filtering through as the referee raises the almost limp arm of our Chairman, declaring him the winner. James Hunter smiles, backing away into the distance as Errol somehow gets back to his feet, the referee handing him the World Championship as he falls backwards onto his ass, disbelief on his face.] [Monday Night Showcase goes off the air with the Chairman as our World Champion.] [All thanks to The Question.] [And now nothing will ever be the same again.]