Moving On Up

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

Well we’re moving up to that deluxe apartment in the sky, we finally got a piece of that pie

It’s a desire everyone in Arcadia shares, and every single favor revolves around it. Whether it’s money, power, control, we’re all clambering over one another to climb one more rung of the societal ladder to get to the very tippy top of luxury.¬†

After all, nobody truly wants to suffer in the slums or eek out a meagre living in the mid suburbia homes, they want the high live, to rub shoulders with the pantheon and lord it all over the plebeians. Yet the problem comes when it’s time to work at rising above.

Everyone wants the luxury handed to them on a silver platter but no matter how many credits you slip the right direction or words of mysticism you whisper into the wrong ear, moving on up in this world takes two simple things. Backbreaking, endless work and rock hard desire of will

After all, there’s a reason the status quo in Arcadia stays the same, because you’re all too pathetic to even try to change it.

You embrace the familiarity, locking onto the smallest of victories like they truly matter. The most basic of dreams you risk your entire lives for as you cannot will your limbs to even climb up one rung of that ladder. Those so devoted to a corrupt system your entire world surrounds it. Those who create fantasies out of ones and zeroes because being a god in your own reality is easier then figuring out to overthrow a real one. And those with true, overwhelming power who don’t use it to truly become something or even help those around you but use it to bend the knee to a deity whose too much of a coward to show his face in the light.

While everything I have done since moment one has been to climb slowly to the heavens. Every whisper in the right ear, every favor given to those who truly did not deserve it, every drop of blood, sweat and tears will be worth it for every rung I can climb. And no curiosity, no horror, not even Pestilence herself is enough to truly stop me. For even power unimaginable is masked by disappointing ambition. Even a being who could slay gods lowers herself down to the level of debauchery and greed, playing with her food like I’m some mere Shopkeeper.

Just ask the silence of the Bleak what happens when you underestimate Fidel. And you won’t get a single taste before I devour the rest of Eden and scorch the very earth it stands. So watch Nergal and learn my true worth, for while they squabble over their little placement ladder and ignore the rungs above, I will slowly climb the other side to the destiny I have slaved towards. Not just a simple trinket of gold and silver but a symbol of one step closer to immortality.

The usurpation of Zeus as the new King of Arcadia