New Chapter

In Promo by Deathnote

“There are people out there that take the word of Yahweh as true gospel.”

“These people turn to the holy book in search of their answers.”

“They consult the good word before planning their next course of action. They abide by the words that are bound in the bible.”

“Like sheep of the herd, they follow this word as if it was the only thing they’ve ever known. They live their entire lives trying to do what’s right by the book.”

“They live, breathe and die by the book of Yahweh.”

“Look no further than Vayikra. for example. Everything they’ve done here in OSW has been by the book. From their arrival, the destruction they cause, the violent acts they’ve carried out.. all of that was written for them in the book of Yahweh.”

“They hold that shit dear to their heart, claiming that they are carrying out the work of their God.”

“Bellator, Renault. Each of them look to Yahweh as their creator. Their author, if you will.”

“Each and every course of their actions meticulously planned by the writings inside that book. They play their part, just as the characters they portray in those very writings.”

“Characters and plots that were written by the Devine being they hold so high.”

“But there’s a new author in town, Vayikra.”

“I am the Author of Death. The death note which looms in my possession is the yin to the bible of Yahweh’s yang.”

“And just like Yahweh, I have my own gospel. A gospel of death and damnation.”

“This week, I take out my pen and flip the book open to a blank page, ready to begin a new chapter.”

“This chapter will be much different from what you’ve carried through with thus far. This chapter will tell a story of the end of Vayikra.”

“Through your trail of torment, you have committed many of sins. Until now, you’ve been rewarded for all the chaos you have caused.”

“I’m here to revoke those accomplishments and strip you of those Tag Team Championships.”

“Once you’ve been stripped of your pride and dignity.. this new chapter can begin.”

“The chapter of your downfall.”

“Even the almighty Yahweh believes that you must pay for the sins you’ve created. For what you’ve done in the eye of OSW, you will come to pay a great debt. We were there when you tried to hang someone in sacrifice. We were there when you tried turning that kid into a mindless drone to do your biding. We were there, and we were taking notes.”

“You see, the story has always been written, but it was left unfinished. I am here to pen the end of the story. The final chapter of the OSW Tag Team Champions as we know them.”

“This was always meant to be. The story is always left unfinished, waiting for someone like me to come tell the conclusion.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“For he is the author of your death.”