In Promo by Simon

There is a group enjoying themselves, having a lovely little party out on the patio.

The food is bountiful, and the drinks are flowing.

Unbeknownst to these party animals is a whole different breed…a mosquito, out in the distance.

These people are out for a good time…and, in a way, so is the mosquito.

Buzzing around, it can feel the energy in the room and it wants a piece of the action.

So, the mosquito flies closer and closer as the group pays no mind to their little intruder.

The mosquito is so insignificant to them, they don’t even know it’s in their presence.

Suddenly, the mosquito’s mood changes.

It gets distracted by a bright, shining light in the opposite direction.

It hurries as it approaches the light, drawn in by its brilliance.

All the while, the group is continuing to enjoy their party, ignorant to the force of nature about to take place.

The mosquito gets closer, closer, closer to this curious sight before it, and…


The poor thing never even had a chance.

It fell for a trap, and paid the ultimate price.

The catastrophe is but a blip on the radar for the group, however.

They hear a short electrical buzz, noticing a brief flicker of the bug zapper’s light.

They then go on with the rest of their evening.

The mosquito’s curiosity got the better of it, and the crowd went mild.

Chasing after such things can be deadly, and not even worth the trouble.

Wouldn’t you say so, Vigour?

Eagerly chasing every party you can find, just to enjoy the pleasures you couldn’t have back home.

All the while not realizing the danger you were putting yourself into.

Or, how insignificant you would turn out to be.

You were but a speck to your enemies, and yet here you are…causing all kinds of trouble.

They’re onto you now, Vigour.

And so am I.

My quarrel till now has not been with you or your kind.

But you just had to keep on chasing that shiny light.

You kept getting closer and closer to the truth of your situation.

And you got zapped for your troubles.

Now, you stand and watch as a war looms ever closer.

And you’ve somehow brought this upon the Slaughterhouse.

Upon my house.

And I will not stand for that.

I must protect this house.

And when I rid this place of the threat you’ve dragged in, you will go back to being that blip on the radar.

Just an annoying little mosquito, to be dealt with accordingly.

And when I’m done, no one will even notice.

It’ll be quick, it’ll be silent, and everyone will move on.

And I will rid you of something that will look lovely upon my shoulder.

Leaving you to wallow in the pity party you’ve set up for yourself.

And you can deal with your enemies on your own terms.

As for me and my house, we will be free of vim and Vigour.