No Escape Room

In Promo by Deathnote

“You and a group of friends enter a small room.”

“The door slams shut behind you guys, and a heavy duty lock can be heard with a click.”

“You’ve just entered what you thought is an escape room, the only way out is through a second locked door.”

“Your objective? Find and solve the clues scattered within the room. Unveil the hidden key that will unlock that second door and lead to the next room.”

“You and your friends scurry about the room. Each of you run your hands along the walls, looking behind each painting. You leave nothing unturned, and eventually one clue will lead to another and the key will be found.”

“You’re the one who finds the key, and you rush to the second door in excitement.”

“You exclaim to your friends that it’s time to move on and then enter the room yourself.”

“But as soon as you do, metal bars slam down, separating you from your friends. You’re now left alone in the second room.”

“You begin to panic, causing you to gulp. This room looked much different than the other. There were no paintings, no decor to look under. In fact, the room is dull and dark. There’s a musky smell about in the room and you can hear a single drip of water somewhere in the distance.”

“A manic laugh echoes throughout the room as a single red light flashes on to illuminate the room.”

“The water you heard dripping? That wasn’t water at all. But instead, it was blood.”

“Written on the wall in front of you is the words ‘No Escape.'”

“You hadn’t entered any ordinary escape room after all. Instead, you fell right into death’s trap. And now you find yourself locked in a dark room with the laughter of a maniac growing closer and closer.”

“Chip Montana”

“You’ve been playing this game for a while now. You remind me quite of that lone young man in the escape room.”

“Twice now you have entered the Toybox and you have been able to solve it’s many riddles that lie before you and escape.”

“Even last week, you walked into that Waffle House and walked out still in one piece.”

“But now, you find yourself in your very own room of death.”

“At High Voltage this week, the proverbial door will lock behind you as my maniacal laugh grows closer and closer.”

“There’s no where to run. No where to hide. You’re left right where I want you.”

“Because there’s no escaping this room. This is nothing more than a Dead End for you.”

“You’ve been running from the nightmares of the Toybox all this time, only to fall right into death’s trap.”

“You’ve entered the No Escape Room..”

“You’ve burnt all your bridges, and there’s nothing but that stupid rabbit in your corner now.”

“You’ve come face to face with your own judgement..”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“For it is here your soul will rest in peace.”