In Promo by Sigil

“What is a king?”

“A man who covets the crown upon his head and the peasants sitting at his feet. He wishes to attain wealth and power because it is all that his pitiful little mind can comprehend.”

“His end goal in existence is to hold power over others, to toy with their politics and play with their lives all while they are powerless to stop him.”

“What is a god?”

“The divine being that a king fears most in this world. A god looks down upon the seemingly all powerful ruler and treats him the way he treats his servants.”

“The king trembles in terror at the thought of what the the god may do to him, and in turn he does whatever the god may ask. All of his power, all of his sway, torn out of his hands by a being beyond his comprehension.”

“But as powerful as a god is…”

“What is a god to a nonbeliever?”

“Simon, you are the king of your own castle, the man who runs OSW now with his terrible queen by his side, hand in insidious hand. You think you have it all, don’t you?”

“Servants in Jet Set Radio, power in your position? You’ve used your political sway to control every aspect of OSW since you ascended to the proverbial throne.”

“But why were you allowed this power?”


“Because a god gave it to you.”

“Death and his son allowed you to take the keys to the castle, they let you run rampant on the peasants of OSW. But despite it all you still look up at Death with fear in your heart.”

“With the flick of his wrist all you have could disappear. Your crown, your kingdom? Gone in the blink of an eye.”

“After all, what is a king to a god?”

“And what is a god to a nonbeliever?”

“The answer to both of these questions?”


“You see, I am OSW’s resident nonbeliever, Simon. I stepped foot into this kingdom without fear in my heart, without a terror in my soul. The god you cower from is one that holds no control over my life.”

“While you toil away in the lives of your peasants, the likes of Luke Storm, of Zero? I have forged my own path, disregarding the lives of all those who are beneath me in my goals.”

“Death knows he has a hold on your life, he knows that you would do anything to avoid his wrath.”

“But me? I don’t believe in gods, Simon.”

“I’ve killed them, eviscerated them for my own gain. You fear Death? And Death fears me.”

“Try as you might, neither of you will stop me as I ascend to the top of OSW. I will claim the crown at Ring King not because I want it, but because I need it.”

“And you won’t be able to impede me, Simon.”

“You’re nothing to Death.”

“You’re nothing to me.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”