Not So Beautiful

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“There are some things that might seem beautiful, but are actually hideous when you take a closer look.”

“Take fire as an example. It looks mystifying at first glance, almost as if it was designed to take your breath away with its vibrant colors and flowing, dress like waves.”

“What you wouldn’t notice is the destruction it leaves in its wake. It feeds off the lifeforce of everything and everyone that dares approach it and reduces the unfortunate victims to a lifeless husk of what they once were.”

“Fire might appear beautiful from afar, but when you’re close enough to see its true nature, you’ll know that there’s nothing beautiful about it.”

“I would know. I was the victim of an arson attack after all.”

“I didn’t pay attention to its vibrant colors while it was choking me from inside my home. The flowing waves meant nothing to me as I felt my lifeforce slowly being sapped away.”

“From that moment on, I knew that there wasn’t beauty in everything. A destructive flame is just that, and nothing can be done to convince me otherwise.”

“Not even if a certain fashionista were to create one herself.”

“Narcissa, there are several beautiful things about you. From your determination to your looks, I wouldn’t blame most people for thinking you’re as ravishing as the dresses you make.”

“However, when they get close enough to observe the finer details, people will only see an ugly woman that needs to be sent back down to the lowest levels of Arcadia.”

“Look past the makeup, and you’ll see the face of a woman that cares only for her own reputation and nothing more.”

“Look deeper into that determination, and you’ll find a girl that’s willing to walk over anyone, including orphaned children, in order to get what she desires.”

“Speaking of what you desired, you got those fibers you so desperately wanted. Now you can make the most beautiful outfit anyone can ever witness.”

“But have you ever considered what that has cost you? People know of your true nature now, and no matter what you create, it will always be associated with your horrid character.”

“I see the fire that burns inside you for what it really is. Not a dancing, beautiful figure, but a destructive force just waiting to be let loose.”

“There is no beauty in what will be unleashed, just a terrifying force of chaos that doesn’t care who or what it destroys in order to get what it wants.”

“People won’t notice the new article of clothing you’ve made out of an unassuming fiber when you choke them until their trachea collapses.”

“They won’t care about how bedazzling you look when you’re forcing others to sacrifice their lives for some plant that’s only found in the most dangerous recesses of Arcadia.”

“I don’t see the beauty in you, Narcissa. I only see a fire that’ll leave only suffering in its wake.”

“When we meet in Olympus, I plan on snuffing you out before you can cause any real damage.”