In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“There’s an infestation within the walls of a man’s home.”

“Everywhere he turns he sees these tiny, bioluminescent insects that flash their lights in his face, crowding him and forcing their ways into his personal life with their endless chittering.”

“We call them shutterbugs.”

“They exist solely to breed, to spread dirt and grime as far as the eye can see. It’s as if they feed on the anger of the home owner, dining on his misfortunes and using it to fuel themselves as they relentlessly dig into every part of his life. Fill his hair, nip at his skin, and burrow into his clothes.”

“One can’t simply stomp them out one by one, their deaths leave a stain and don’t impede them. You have to cut them down at the hive that produces them.”

“And when you can’t simply take care of the infestation yourself, you call in someone who can.”

“An exterminator.”

“You’re a bit of a shutterbug aren’t you, Mr. Ramsey?”

“Everywhere Zeus and his men go you aren’t far behind with that camera in your hands, snapping pictures over and over, blinding them with your ceaseless camera flashes until you’re content with the pictures you have. You take them down to your little studio and you send them to print with the wildest accusations you can muster.”

“And like wildfire they spread, people getting their hands on copies and using the false information they learned to further hound Zeus and his loved ones.”

“Arcadia is his home, Colt.”

“And you’re the source of this infestation.”

“Like the shutterbugs do, you spread lies and slander, filling the walls with filth as you find another nook or cranny to shove your camera to get more biased views of Zeus’ personal life. He could try and stomp you out like other journalists before you, like Ares snuffed out Lawton, but you just refuse to stay down.”

“You’d leave a stain that wouldn’t wash out, and Zeus doesn’t want Arcadia and the people within it to deal with the remains of a filthy, disgusting bug like you.”

“He’s smarter than that, you know.”

“So what’s a man to do when stomping won’t work and the bugs fill the walls?”

“He calls the APD.”

“He calls on me.”

“I’m a loyal exterminator of pests, Colt. I’ve seen first hand just how deeply you’ve nestled yourself into the walls of our home and been forced to lay eyes upon the filth you produce.”

“And at Clash? I’m going to snuff it out once and for all.”

“Because I won’t simply crush you.”

“I’ll destroy your whole damn hive.”

“Break the tables, stomp your camera, ruin your dark room. Like an exterminator with his gases I’ll remove every last remnant of you and cleanse this home of your brood.”

“I’m more thorough than you’ll ever know.”

“Once I’m done with my job there won’t be a single sign you were ever here.”

“I’m doing this for Zeus.”

“I’m doing this for Arcadia.”

“Eagles soar.”