Oh God!

In Promo by Zero

“I remember this one bitch.”

“This girl stood in the middle of the street like her shit didn’t stink. She was wavin’ about a fuckin’ bible, shoutin’ about God, sinners and the wrath of her Lord Almighty.”

“So, I stopped and talked with her.”

“She said that she was on a mission to find God and spread his word throughout the city. It was her belief that if she spoke his word, he’d eventually reveal himself to her and she could be embraced by his love. She had faith and wanted every other cunt to have it too.”

“All she wanted was the long shaft of God’s love, man.”

“I told her I could help her do that.”

“And she fuckin’ liked that idea.”

“We hit a bar and talked about God. She was a zealot if you’d ever seen one. Every single word that came out of her dirty fuckin’ mouth was about Yahweh and his expectations; his word, his love, his blah blah fuckin’ blah.”

“So, I told her what she wanted to hear.”

“I poured drink after drink down her stupid fuckin’ throat, all the whole professing my love for her stupid cunt of a God.”

“And when we were drunk enough… I told her I could help her see her fuckin’ God.”

“You know Bellator, you’s a bitch just like this ho.”

“You’re runnin’ round this whole place talkin’ shit about your God and what he wants, needs, or expects. All you want is for someone to listen and the fuckin’ extremes you’ll go to in order to get there, well, it hardly makes for light entertainment, does it?”

“You and your boyfriends got more BDSM toys than Keith Carradine.”

“You zealots just won’t stop until everyone follows your fuckin’ way of thinkin’. God might be everythin’ to you cunts, but to the rest of us, he’s better off fuckin’ dead.”

“You want so badly to see your fuckin’ God, Sanctus?”

Is that it?

“Well, mother fucker, I can help you do that.”

“I took that zealot God lovin’ bitch home that night and fucked her up, man. I fucked that slut every which way she came.”

“I gave her the long shaft of God’s big black fuckin’ love.”

“Right up until she cried out ‘OH GOD!’

“And my dick made her see his fuckin’ face.”

“Well, at Fuck the World, I will show you your God, Sanctus. I will fuck you up every which way but loose and when I’m finished with you, you’ll see his face as clear as day – though it won’t be through ecstasy of orgasm, but through pain of utter fuckin’ destruction.”

She fucked around and found out.”

Now it’s your turn.