Blind Leading Blind

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” 

I remember hearing of a news article when I was younger. A tale of two men who had reportedly been out walking and were found drowned in the treacherous waters of a nearby river. 

What struck me about this story was the fact that the men were found merely a few yards from a bridge that would have seen them cross the river safely. The police at the time were baffled as to why the men would try to cross the river to their peril when they could simply use the bridge. 

Upon investigation, the truth revealed a lesson. 

Both men were in fact blind and believed the other man could see perfectly well. Both trusting the other to lead them on their journey. But in truth, they were just as blind as each other and it saw them to their peril.  

We have become a people that follow the blind. I look around the Slaughterhouse and I see very few with sight to see the truth, but many tread dangerously close to the river. 

Each putting their blind trust in another to guide them along the way.  

But that foolishness only leads to peril, for there is but one that truly has sight to guide. A name that is shunned by the masses and revered by the few. 

For only the few can truly see. 

Abominations walk around in the darkness, drowning in the river when the bridge has been here all along. The blind lead the blind, believing themselves to be safe when in fact they’re all just as blind as each other. 

You know a thing or two about losing your sight, don’t you Zero… Or should we say Xavier? 

For as long as you have walked these halls, you have relied on that visor to give you sight. It gives you your unique perspective of the world.  

But without it, you fumble about as a desperate man in the darkness. Without it, you are powerless. 

Relying on Pyre and Storm to guide you. You know first hand that feeling of having your sight taken from you. 

Remove your sight, and you lose your swagger. You lose your edge. You become the blind man, trusting in the blind to guide him. But you and your blind friends miss the bridge entirely. 

You’re drowning Zero. Drowning in a past that is now catching up with you in a hurry. 

Drowning in the choices you made. 

For you, like the rest of the lambs in the Slaughterhouse are too proud to admit your shortcomings. You continue to blindly fight, struggling against the waters in vain. 

I’m not standing on the bridge of righteousness holding out olive branches any more. The time for action befalls us, and those that are granted the wisdom of sight will be saved. 

As for you, Zero, you’re blinded in more ways than one. The river is your fate. 

I’m happy to be the water that drowns your sin.