In Promo by The Impaler

My sister once came upon a pit of snakes. Nested together a writhing mass of scales, fangs, and muscle. 

When they realized my sister was there one of them lashed out missing her… barely and sending her running. 

For all I know its venom could’ve caused her leg to shrivel up by damaging the muscle within.  

Thinking about it now that snake could’ve taken her life in that moment. 

When I walked into OSW I saw the same thing my sister saw in that moment, a den of snakes looking to prey upon the weak and feeble. 

I see those sitting in wait lurking, ready to drop on their prey, and squeeze their bodies until they’re no longer able to draw a breath, like the Anaconda. 

Then you have those that are so violent that they will lash out at anyone who draws close and sink their venomous fangs in without a moment’s notice like a Rattle Snake. 

I speak today about snakes and the damage they can cause not because I have two opponents that lower than a snake’s stomach. 

Oh, no, these two are far more dangerous than that. 

Cael you’ve tossed your lot in with a group of sycophants and sociopaths to gain the upper hand. 

By association you’ve attempted murder more than once and have gained victory by using the numbers that Vayikra brings. 

You’re a lot like Cuban boa, a snake that hunts in packs to kill its prey. 

Without them and their help you’re nothing but a broken man whose had everyone he’s loved turn their backs on him. 

At some point Cael you have to look yourself mirror and ask… “Is it me, am I the one common denominator in my own little world of shit?” 

However, you don’t do that instead you hide yourself from any scrutiny behind the “infallible” word of the lord. 

All the while you try to end the world of the Starboy while like you he’s a snake, just a different breed.  

While Starboy may think that I compare them to a snake because of the python in their pants that’s not it at all. 

Nor is it because they can unhinge their jaw to take things of immense girth in. 

No, it’s due the fact that they’re much like a Burmese they will latch on to the most uncomfortable areas of their prey getting closer than morality would bear, just to get over and make themselves feel pleasure. 

But here’s the thing while these snakes exist, there’s a predator in their midst that is capable of eliminating their very existence. 

The OSW has its very own Honey Badger that is more than willing to tear apart every snake it can get its hands on to feed itself. 

A demon driven Honey Badger capable of tearing every snake in OSW to shreds if it wanted to. 

Impaler is that Honey Badger, and I am here to defend my territory and stake my claim because I am Legion, for we are many, and Legion don’t give a shit.