Thieves’ Pair

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

I heard a story once of two thieves. The first cared only for trinkets and items. Things he thought provided power to himself, to extend his reach and influence upon the world around him.

He chased after these trinkets with a fervor only zealots could possibly understand. From small duplicators to mystic gems, he chased after anything if they gave him any sort of power.

The second thief wasn’t interested in trinkets and items. He took something that had far greater influence. He stole life and with that he gained power and influence for those who heard his name came to fear him and offered up rewards to keep their own lives.

Man, woman, child, it didn’t matter to him. The power he was after was one given by the fear of others. He had heard about this other thief, but thought nothing of him. A man who is after material wealth and power means so little to a man who is after fear and terror.

One day these two thieves broke into the same home. The first was after a powerful gem believed to give the user ultimate control of all existence. The second was after the blood of the man to gain a new power of his own in this world.

The two men clashed and fought tooth and nail.

The first man’s trinkets did nothing to the second, for gems and items do little when fear and blood drive you. Everything the first thief tried failed and the fight became more and more on sided.

Eventually the second thief had enough and killed the first thief, taking all that he had and left him to hang as a warning to others that materials mean nothing. That fear is the true power.

You’re the first thief, Sigil. You’ve collected items and gems, going to great lengths to obtain them. Yes, you have taken life but only that which is necessary to obtain your selfish desires.

These items you’ve collected over your lifetime you believe grant you all this power that you believe you can take on a god, the last remaining god living in this world.

But you don’t understand that they mean nothing, not to true power.

When people fear you, you have true power. When they see that not even their lives mean anything to a thief, that fear that they may be next gives you ultimate power over everyone.

You can bend them to your will by the mere mention of your name.

You are powerless, Sigil, when I am around. People fear your trinkets, not you. People fear me, the mention of my name driving so many underground. They pray to be free from my gaze for they know what I can do.

So fight as you may, Sigil. Use your trinkets, your gems, and any other item you have hidden in your bag of tricks. When it’s all over, and I stand victorious.

I’ll take the greatest prize you have left.

I’ll pull your heart from your chest.