One In The Chamber

In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

It can be lonely on the roads of Arcadia.

I’ve spent most of my time the only human visible for miles in any direction. I’ve spent most of my time alone. I’m used to it.

I only have Colt to keep me company. And most of the time that’s just fine. Just how I like it. 

The clear air, the near-silence. I can operate at my best when I don’t have to worry about anyone else.

But the problem is, sometimes those someone elses come looking for you. Sometimes it’s even a something else. And when those somethings or someones come after you, no matter what you think of yourself or your dog, there’s only one thing to do.

Defend yourself.

I have this gun here, which I keep with me for personal safety. I don’t ever go out into Arcadia intending to use it, but I’m not shy of pulling the trigger when I have to, as you saw at Ring of Dreams.

If I feel threatened, my instinct is simply to ensure survival. And sometimes that means putting a bullet in a skull, and watching the scarlet drain right out of them.

But Teddy was only one threat.

What about when the threat is coming at you from more than one angle?

That’s why I always keep one in the chamber.

One bullet to kill and one stays in the chamber. That way I’m always prepared for an ally to the original threat. Ain’t nobody flanking me. 

I just give the old one-two. Double tap. Double deaths.

One in the chamber is a must-have for anyone who wants to survive and thrive.

And the job of an Apex Predator is to survive and thrive in amongst the multitude of threats they face from those trying to usurp them.

At Double Tap, the Apex Predators plan to survive and thrive in the way that only those at the top of the food chain can. And we’ll do that by keeping an eye on the someone elses coming for us. I’m like the loaded gun, cocked and ready to take out anyone who comes my way. And Luther Grim is my one in the barrel. My extra ammunition to help me overcome any tricky surprises that come my way.

The fact of the matter is this: ain’t nobody at Double Tap as prepared for me and Grim as we are for all of them. They might have some ammunition but we’ve got the firepower. They come at us with a single bullet hoping it will be the silver bullet that brings down the beasts, but they’re sorely mistaken. Because they can only take one of us down with that bullet. And taking one of us down without the other would be a huge mistake.

You don’t want to see an Apex Predator when it’s angry. Hungry for revenge.

And hungry for gold.