Parable of the Talents

In Promo by Sir Renault

There once lived a man who accumulated a modest amount of wealth for himself.

Before setting out on a long journey, he entrusts ‘talents’ to his three servants. A talent was described as a considerable amount of a valuable such as gold, silver, or gems.

One servant received five talents, a second servant received three, and the third servant was granted just one talent. The only thing that the master requested them to do was to use their talents to the best of their ability.

Upon returning home, the master learned that the first and second servants used their talents to significantly increase the value of the property they were granted. They were rewarded accordingly.

The third servant, however, buried his talent and did not enjoy the gains of his predecessor. When called on to account for his behavior, he claimed that fear prevented him from embracing his talent. The master reprimanded the third servant was reprimanded for being lazy, and was cast out.

Though the three servants were not equally equipped to carry out their master’s wishes, each had the opportunity put their talents to action.

The moral of this story is that we all will eventually be held accountable: God rewards those who put effort into our work.

There’s a man that walks the halls of the Slaughterhouse who has built an army for himself.

Waging war against Old School Wrestling’s oligarchy, the man they call ‘The Taskmaster’ enlisted the services of three degenerates to do his bidding like pawns on a chessboard.

Tag and Ether were given the task of taking down the tag team champions, Zero and Pyre. The deck was unknowingly stacked in their favor, since Pyre was in fact the queen to Simon’s king all along, and they were able to inflict enough physical and emotional pain on Zero for the commissioner to grant them world title shots against Pyre as a thank you.

Wiz, on the other hand, was left to his own devices to wreak anarchy on the OSW roster. Not only did he fail to carry out Simon’s orders, but he also went rogue on his stablemates, joining the Viper Pit and selfishly going into business for himself.

The thing of it is, Jet Set Radio, is that only two of you have been properly using your talents in OSW.

Despite your innumerable failures, Tag and Ether, you’ve still managed to please Simon enough with the guidance he afforded you to stay in his good graces and in Soda Pop Frequency.

The same can’t be said about you though, Wiz. During last season’s peak you screwed over your best friend at a shot for the title. You let down Tag, nearly messed up your friendship with Ether, and nearly ruined Simon’s game plan by abandoning him during your escapades in the Viper Pit.

You think you’re the talented member of your stable, going so far as to call yourself a star, but Heatwave will be your judgment when you stand before Vayikra.

It’s time to be held accountable for your actions.

Just as may Yahweh reward, He also may punish.

Deus vult.