Temple’s Erosion

In Promo by Chronoa

Since the first organism breathed life into this ball of blue you call earth, time has overseen many a change.

Society has changed and adapeds, empires have risen and fallen and entire species have faded into obscurity.

Yet the greatest change that time has influenced on earth is that which humanity can never percieve.

Take for example, the mighty mountain and the soft waves that lap against its stone face.

A herculean effort of futlity as the waves dissipiate into mist against the strength of it’s foundation.

One could spend years watching faithfully and still the mountain would remain pristine.

Yet though millions upon millions of crashes may not change the image that human eyes percieve,

It does not mean that it hasn’t been altered at a molecular level.

Slowly but surely, that same simple wave will alter that immortal stone beyond repair.

What was once sharp and protuding becomes dull and smooth as sand.

Eroding away impercievable to anything but the passage of time.

After all, some of the great monuments of history that once towered above civilisation

Are now nothing but rubble and dust.

For time decimates everything in the end, it’s inevitable

Just as OSW infects every single living thing that walks through it’s doors.

See,  so many people focus on the outside influences, the darkness that surrounds your footsteps.

The terror you’ve endured and every way they can think to finally crack open the impervious shell that has protected you all these years.

When they don’t realise the very fabric of the Mountain is barely clinging together.

The warrior that first stepped foot into the Slaughter was once pure and noble with the best of intentions.

Calm and tranquil as a summers breeze, all you wanted was to bring back honor, dignity and hope to a broken world.

Yet the first time you entered this temple, the first wave crashed open you and you didn’t realise it.

You’ve followed, you’ve taught and you’ve lost.

Sorrow, joy and rage has filled your heart and terrible, frighting secrets about your past and the universe itself has invaded your mind.

However to most, you still remain true to the man you were. Strong and noble, one of the few to still stand tall with no fear in the darkness.

Yet they can’t see what I see, a warrior falling apart at the seams

The armor you wear is beginning to crack and the facade of the pure monk has started to fade.

Every loss, every failure has begun to get the better of you as your tranquility is failing.

Even the great spring of power is fading as you hear the hollow thumping whenever you draw the last few drops from the well.

Godly parentage you may have but underneath it all, you’re just a man.

And ever man has his limits…just like you have reached yours Banzan.

All it would take is a simple push in the right direction

And you’d become what they say. Another hero fallen into the abyss.

And I will have what I need.

For if even the great Banzan can be corrupted by OSW,

Then no one will deny it’s finally time for it to fade away.