In Promo by The Impaler

When I was younger, I saw something that utterly disgusted me. My grandfather had a botfly lay eggs in his ear. He heard scratching and scaping while he was sitting still.

Eventually he goes to see his ear, nose, and throat doctor. That day, was the day I learned about parasites.

Creatures that spread disease living in their hosts until they either evolve into their next form, kill the host, or both.

OSW is riddled with parasites latched on like vampiric lampreys, draining the blood from its underbelly.

You have those that act like the Cordyceps fungus manipulating those around them.

You have those that lie in wait taking over parts of the body as if they were items of power. Until they can shut the body down and feast on the remains.

Then you have those which are more insidious those that latch on to others lurking in the shadows.

Hiding in hard to detect places thriving off the odds that they will go unseen until they’ve choked the life from the very thing that housed them.

They’re sublet and almost stalking their prey from the inside.

They wait to sink their teeth in deep, like a knife carving through flesh.

The parasites I speak of are very much vampiric but I address them as parasites not just because of that. Kaine you figuratively and literally have been living off the people surrounding you.

First you suck the life and will to survive out of the whole Williams family. You leeched off their name, and notoriety until you got what you wanted, you ruined them. You broke a family.

Now you’re doing trying to do the same to Banzan and Tenchu. You, feed off fame like tapeworm but instead of keeping you alive, it keeps you… relevant.

All the while Knightlord attempts to keep his relevancy, we have a little bitch from my past who’s been pulled into the disgusting orbit of the Vampire Detective himself. Lucy, you’re an assassin you kill people for survival in exchange for money, goods, or services.

You’re like a threadworm which has made its way to the brain. Most of the time the death you cause will be undetected and misdiagnosed until the very end.

You’re the type creature who the only reason they’ll hug another person is simply to find a place to stick the knife.

You both disgust me, you’re both trying to seek your own ends while at the same time you reciprocate nothing into this world. You’re nothing but leaches draining the lifeforce of OSW and me, I’m the doctor that’s diagnosed the problem.

I’m the one here to rip out this aliment that is Lucy Seraphina and Kaine Knightlord by the very root if needed. I’m the one that’s going to expose you for the disgusting wriggling filth you are.

I will destroy these vile entities and make them regret the very choice to make the homes in OSW because, “I am Legion, for we are the Doctor and Doctor is in.”