No Half Measures

In Promo by The Impaler

A while back I watched as an associate of mine attempted to blackmail someone into doing his bidding. Someone he thought that he could out think him at every pass.

When things went tits up and he came face to face with the thug he was trying out play at his own game. He went center mass with a gunshot because he wanted to watch the light fade from his foe’s eyes.

In turn just when he thought this bad man was dead to rights.


A single solitary headbutt and a royal fell dead that eve.

The lesson learned, there’s no such thing as half a thug, commit to who you are or you’re just sitting on a fence wait for someone to knock your block off.

There are many walking the halls of the Slaughterhouse, who’re sitting on that very fence. Caught between what they should really be but desiring to be something else entirely.

We have badass motherfucking icons who’re actually just complete divas. Men who surround themselves with an entourage that would willingly lay down their lives for them but they would never do the same.

We have men of peace and tranquility who’ve done more property damage then a category five hurricane. How can you settle a spirit upon a mountain when you’ve caused such chaos.

Then you have you have the twisted creations of horror, searching for a place to belong. Just wanting to be… loved. Forgetting that fear is the greatest motivator they have at their disposal.

Isn’t that right, Hollywood? You’re so content to let the rest of bMf fight your battles for you that it may not register that you lost the strongest Muscle you had in Albert Shaw.

Sacrificed at the alter of a wannabe movie star, part-time wrestler, and full-time prima donna.

That’s nothing though compared to the hypocrisy of Banzan. Big man, you’re a walking talking wrecking ball, that’s supposed to be an agent of peace, and repose.

You’re capable of such carnage but instead you choose to spend the lion’s share of your time being the peaceful monk resting upon a mountain.

Oh, but we come to SeeSaw. You, you’ve got everything that I aspire to. Everyone whether they show it or not fears you, but is this enough?

No, you want to be loved, you want to be embraced, you want a family. You make me sick. You ruin your potential by seeking to embrace the heart while you could torment the mind.

But I learned my lesson from that night not so long ago, no half measures go for the head.

I know enough to end someone before they end me.

So, you all can wallow in your hypocrisy, you can make your bed of lies, eventually you’ll all have to face the call of the many as the Multitude draws near.

You can believe the lies you tell yourself because you will eventually face the truth. I am that truth, I am the Impaler, and I am Legion, for we are many.