Playing With Fire

In Promo by The Impaler

My younger brother loved to play with fire. It started with his enjoyment of just the warmth of it all, how it comforted him. Then he fell in love with the flames just wanting to see it grow bigger and hotter. One day he fed the flames to the point that he created a raging inferno.

He thought because he had the knowledge of the fire and he had been studying it for so long that he could keep feeding it and it would always be in his control.

It burned a quarter acre of our land before the local fire department could bring it under control. While he went to the hospital with second degree burns down his left leg. He recovered physically but he was always self-conscious about wearing shorts after that.

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on around here someone has been building a fire with the very intent of destroying the OSW and the Slaughterhouse itself.

Wanting to burn it to the ground. They believe that because they have all the knowledge that it is fated to happen, they will be the one who gets to be the harbinger of OSW’s fate.

Chronoa, you think that because you know what’s going to happen that you can keep yourself from getting caught up in the blaze.

You think that exposing my past, and tearing open old scars to bring back that beast within me is going to end well for you?

You’ve rebuilt a blaze from smoldering embers thinking this is going to burn OSW to the ground.

Well, Chronoa you’ve succeeded, you’ve gotten the one thing that you’ve wished for.

You have reignited this inferno within me, and for that you have my thanks.

But you’re going to learn a lesson my brother learned all those years ago and it is cliché as cliché can get.

You play with fire and you’ll wind up burned.

Because, what you don’t realize is that it starts with you, congratulations you’ve built your own funeral pyre.

I am going to walk into Bad Attitude the very thing you’ve wanted me to be and the thing I fought against becoming.

The only thing that will differ between you and my brother will be that while he was able to walk away with only the inability to wear shorts. I will consume you with a pure unadulterated rage.

You will be nothing but ash in the mouth of a dragon that has been awoken and you know me as Legion! The Harbinger of your Fate, the messenger of your end, the being that the great, and knowledgeable Chronoa fell to.

Because I am not a toy to be played with, I am not someone else’s weapon to be used, and I will not be treated as such by a bookworm with God complex. If you truly knew what you claim to know, you would’ve steered clear because I AM LEGION, FOR WE ARE MANY and you are nothing in my eyes.