Pied Piper

In Promo by Sir Bellator

We know the story all too well, yet we continue to fall into the same traps.

A charismatic man approached the mayor of the town of Hamelin to help rid it of a rat infestation. He claimed to possess a magical flute which could lead the rats away, where he would drown them in the river.

And so true to his word, he did exactly as he professed.

He ridded the town of the rats.

But upon claiming his payment, the mayor refused. And saviour turned sour. He used his magical flute to lure away the children of the town, and they were never seen from again.

It is not a new tale, but the lessons from it we humans seem destined to repeat. Because we continue to make the same mistakes.

Our ego and pride stop us from paying the piper.

Humanity’s stupidity sees us continue to trust him anyway.

When are we going to stop falling for the Pied Piper’s tricks?

Old School Wrestling has it’s own Pied Piper of sorts. A figure on a quest to gather his magical gemstones, to give him the power to deal with his own infestation of sorts.

Crystal after crystal, the story remains the same.

Rats follow him, they believe in him and the Pied Piper drowns them in the river. Tosses them away like vermin. Then, the Piper returns to the town, chest puffed in bravado and professing himself to be the saviour that the people need.

But you’re no saviour, are you, Sigil?

You’re merely a Piper, hell bent on your path and tossing whoever stands in your way to the curb. All the magical flute music in the world cannot hide the stench of sin that befalls you.

The trail of destruction you have left in your wake.

Or the fall that you are blindly leading this world to.

You have made yourself an enemy of Death himself, Sigil. Try as you might to escape that, or to find some greater purpose in your quest to locate Corvus, when Death beckons, one has no choice but to abide.

Vayikra has come to collect the debt that the Piper owes the world.

Like Legacy, you too must be sacrificed for the greater good. For our mission is unwavering. Unrelenting.

Pave the way for Yahweh’s return, no matter the cost.

Our Lord will not be raised to light by the sinful lies of your Piper’s flute.

Vayikra are the children that listen to sense, and are not swayed by the charismatic music of the liar’s flute. We are the ones that stand defiantly and say enough is enough.

That enough souls have been lost to your fruitless quest.

That enough lies have been shed.

We represent a better way to pay the true Piper. He who truly makes the music that is worthy of following. He who lights our path that leads straight to your downfall.

Sigil. Your song has come to an end.

It is time the Piper paid the price for his sins.