The Beast

In Promo by Goro Nakamua

I remember when my village was haunted by a great Beast.

This was no ordinary Beast. He was feared and revered by all, roaring so loud he shook homes to their foundation. When his form entered the town, everyone cowered, knowing his reputation as a killer.

Every week, a villager would go missing, and soon after parts of their body would be found strewn about the outskirts.

After many weeks of this, the village Chieftain knew he had to intervene. With his most trusted allies at his side, he ventured out into the woods the Beast was hiding in.

Some say the Beast’s howls were heard for miles as the Chieftain waged war with it.

But in the end, a bloody Chieftain emerged from the woods with the head of the Beast tucked between his arms.

It stood on a spike for weeks, a testament to the power of the Chieftain. Not even a great Beast could stop him. He had taken down the one who took down all others.

But I noticed something, as I studied the head.

The teeth were flat. Not the teeth of a carnivorous monster. The teeth of a herbivore. A plant-eater.

Not the teeth of a Beast that would rip apart villagers. Not the teeth of a killer.

In my youthful naiveté, I asked the Chieftain about it. He led me out to the edge of the woods, asking me about those who the Beast had killed and what they had in common.

Laughing at my silence, he said they were his enemies, but not enemies he could slay directly. People’s lack of knowledge of the Beast made him a terrifying foe, but one that was ultimately powerless in the face of the man who created his myth.

How long have you haunted OSW, Zero?

Mister Mother Fucker, himself. People saw you as unbeatable, heard you spit shit and rock the very foundations of the company. Your reputation preceded you.

Fools would step up, and you’d put them right back down. Each and every time.

But the truth Zero, is that you’re just another herbivorous Beast. You make a real loud racket, but your teeth ain’t made for cutting. I let your legend build as you wore that arm that belonged to me.

I created your myth, Zero. I let the whispers go that you were the one man who got one over on Goro Nakamura.

But you didn’t, did you?

When I finally decided to enter the woods of OSW, your bill came due. You’ve talked so much shit that you actually believe it.

But I don’t. I know the truth.

The Beast is just a myth, one perpetuated by me as a convenient way to show the world where the power truly resides.

And now the source of your power rests in my coffers, propped up on a spike for the world to see.

Letting them know two things:

First, that you were never the threat they thought you were.

Second, that when Goro Nakamura wishes a foe dead, they become dead.

It’s inevitable.