In Promo by Simon

A young man sought to prove himself worthy, and began to climb the nearest mountain.

The trek was arduous, made more challenging because of a light snowfall covering it…but climbed it he did.

As he sat at the top of the mountain to rest before his journey home, he heard a light, quivering whisper pleading for help.

The man turned to face the source of the whisper, and happened upon a snake looking worse for wear in the snow.

He refused to help, for surely the snake would bite him…but the snake insisted it would not bite the one that saved it from the cold.

The young man gave this some thought, and took pity upon the snake.

He picked that snake up, covered it from the cold with his shirt, and traveled back down the mountain.

All along the way, the snake hissed its thanks to the man, assuring him no harm would come.

It was a long, grueling process, but the man and the snake eventually made it to the base of the mountain…just miles from the man’s home.

His mission finished, the man uncovered the snake from his shirt and placed it gently upon the ground.

The snake’s response to the man’s generosity?

It bit him.

Right in the ankle, too.

With the man crawling away, he begged to know why the snake would betray him after what they’d been through.

That snake just looked the man dead in the eye, and responded with a hiss.

“You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Poor, poor Wiz.

You took pity upon Viper Roberts, even though you knew what he was capable of.

You fell right into his lies.

Viper took you in and used you for everything you had, just like he did the rest of his snakes.

And when he felt dissatisfied with your actions, he cast you out.

Even worse, he abandoned you.

After everything you did for him, he did absolutely nothing for you.

You know what the worst part is, Wiz?

If he was here, I bet I know what Viper would tell you.

His explanation for using and abusing you.

For chewing you up and spitting you out.

“You knew what you were getting into.”

Such a shame to see you fall this hard.

And all because you felt compassion for the Head Snake.

You cared so much about him, that you let him slither his way into striking distance.

And he bit you for your troubles.

Now you face the wrath of your friends, the ones you betrayed for a snake.

But worst of all, you get to deal with me.

If you think Viper abandoning you is troubling, wait until you see what ol’ Simon has in store.

Your treachery was not one of convenience, but of foolishness.

And that foolishness puts you right in my crosshairs.

I will sort you out myself, and get you back on track.

After all, there is still work to be done.