A Murderous Legion

In Promo by The Impaler

We once lived a life as the head of the town guard during the fourteenth century.

We found ourselves just outside two warring nations, we attempted to remain as neutral as we absolutely could in that situation.

A couple months of battles that were a few miles from our gates and people started to get sick, started to die.

We had no clue what was going on until we came across a crow, with eyeball in its beak dangling from its sinewy muscle.

However, it wasn’t just what it was eating that caught my attention but where it liked to perch while it ate.

That thing was right above the cistern for our drinking water.

For how long had that bastard been poisoning us?

We attempted to throw a dagger at the literal blighter, but we will give the crow its due. It was smart, quick, and kept to the shadows.

It avoided us for days until we caught it during the rain sun shower when its wings were damp and we broke its neck.

That being said before we did though, it had poisoned a third of our village and ruined our water supply for weeks.

Now, here we are again, we have made a home in OSW, and again, become a neutral party watching two factions war with each other. While another crow grows fat off the carcasses left behind.

All the while those in the animal’s wake are poisoned by the rotting viscera left behind in its feeding frenzy.

This crow is intelligent too, the shadows are its ally, it is nimble, and it too has been avoiding me.

But all of that is about to come to end.

Corvus, you’ve been living off the bodies that Death and his Black Hand have set before you believing yourself to be Timeless.

That’s the thing “Timeless” for you is just a namesake, a thing that you’re called all the while bubbling under the surface of the Slaughterhouse.

A being that has been truly, sincerely timeless has been waiting for you.

Finally, you and us are going to do battle and in turn you’ll realize that you’ve met your intellectual better in a mind with lifetimes of experience that you could never comprehend.

You will have no more shadows to hide in, the fires of Legion will see to that.

No instance where your agility will match the might of the Multitude that has beset you.

For so long you’ve attempted to avoid us at all cost but now the rain is coming down and your sigil has been tarnished by the down pour.

And if you’ve been paying attention to my body of work recently, you’ll know that we’re still not opposed to snapping a neck when called for.

Corvus, as you can plainly see, we’ve not forgotten our last dalliance with a Crow and we’ve seen you, we know that we’re not the first demon you’ve locked horns with.

But that thing about Demons and Crows, we never forget.

However, Black Hand here is the difference, we are the Impaler, we are Legion, for we will never forgive.