In Promo by Banzan

A man once dreamed of climbing a mountain.

He had traveled and found himself staring at the foot of the mountain, determined to climb. 

A local Sherpa stopped him and asked if he would like a guide to help him scale the mountain. The sherpa was well trained and had seen countless others to the summit of the mountain they sought.

But the man declined, unwilling to take the advice of such a stranger. He was strong and determined and would climb that mountain himself.

Hand over hand, he tried to climb that mountain. As the climb began, he found the going easy. He made progress and found some success on the slopes 

But soon, the climb became more difficult. Step by gruelling step, he struggled forward. As much progress as he made, he never seemed to get closer to the summit. He struggled to navigate the right paths, find the right crevices or identify the right footholds on the mountain.

And as much progress as he made, the mountain seemed to knock him back. Each inch he gained of that mountain’s slope, he soon found himself sliding back and getting nowhere fast.

He climbed as well as he could, but as the air thinned and the climb became more treacherous, he would never reach that summit without the guidance of the Sherpa. 

You have approached this land Vigour looking to climb your mountain. You have experienced our ways, found fascination with our life and look to quest your way over every experience the mountain of this world can offer you.

In you, I see the determination to succeed. We see that in the way you stand up for your allies, the heart you serve them with. In moments of need, you have been there for your climbing party. First for Starboy, and then for TGK.

Sure, the foothills of your journey have shown you success. But you no longer find yourselves in the foothills.

The mountain of OSW knocks your Rainbow Party back at every step. You find yourself unprepared for what this particular climb may throw your way.

Upon the slopes, you have encountered those that wish to derail your climb. Found the path tricky to navigate through Vayikra’s challenges. And as their hatred lashes at the slopes, you have weathered the storm so far. Hand by hand, inch by inch, you press on.

But you climb without the guidance of a Sherpa.

You climb, determined but misguided.

Slipping your way back, negating the advances you make along the way. I offered you my guidance, to find a way through the maze of your journey. To understand the energy that emanates from you.

You find yourself at an impasse, Vigour.

Take the hand that the Sherpa offers you, or continue to struggle upon the slopes of this world.

Slipping and sliding, and never reaching the summit you seek.

The peak of the mountain stands only for those wise enough to seek the assistance you require. Are you too proud to reach your summit?