Plexiglass Prison of Reality

In Promo by Rune

What if I told you that your reality is a lie?

That your entire existence is nothing but a fabricated veil thrust over foolish humanity to keep it from seeing the truth. We exist in our own plexiglass prison of this fabrication we call reality.

What if I told you that is by design, and the prison we exist within is very real?

And it serves a very real purpose. Just not your purpose.

These walls exist to keep us contained, confined. To shield us from the truth. Behind our veil, we fight for a better world. Humanity champions causes, it always has. End racism. Equal rights. End famine.

We fight for something better than what we see before us. Because deep down, we can smell the stench of bullshit.

We just don’t know that’s what we’re smelling.

We believe that the grass is greener on the other side of that plexiglass wall. That outside the prison of our own pathetic reality, life will be better.

So we fight for our ideals, we fight to create this better world.

Because in fighting, we find purpose. So we stop looking for the veil.

But I have seen the world beyond the veil… And I’ve been wrong all along.

My mission is not to tear down the veil, but uphold it. The veil protects us from the true horrors beyond this fabricated reality we call life. That the grass is not greener on the other side. No, on the other side, there is no grass at all.

No joy.

No great land of freedom, puppydogs and rosepetals.

Just oppression. The world beyond our plexiglass prison is exactly why the veil exists.

All the tension, horrors and evils of this world are merely more concentrated beyond the veil. A world where THEY rule, and WE serve them.

The veil protects us from the sad reality of truth.

Blackveil hides behind her veil, her wall of ideology.

She fights for a better tomorrow in her own mind, when she can pull off that veil, her mission accomplished. A world that accepts her sisterhood without guise.

But what world is she building?

Is it a world that THEY want?

They want her to fight her cause, because if she knew the truth, she’d see how useless her veil truly is.

In my experience, I have learnt two things that Blackveil has not.

One… In this world, ignorance truly is bliss. Here, the food tastes succulent, nature is beautiful.

The lie is paradise compared to the truth.

And two… That your efforts in this life are futile. Blackveil may as well lay down her cause, roll over, bend down and accept her fate.

Because nothing she does will make a difference in the end.

At Ghosts of the Past, I will see her bow before the throne. A throne of my own reality, and it too serves a purpose.

To distract the masses from the truth.

That this reality is a lie.

And it’s damned sure better believing the lie than living the truth.

Ignorance is fucking bliss.

And I’m the king of ignorance.