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Luther Grim,

In the echoing halls of our crusade, your query stirs the embers of a thought long smoldering in the recesses of my mind. You speak of prey, and my thoughts wander to the elusive dance between hunter and hunted – a dance that Vision, in his blinded might, knows all too well.

Consider, if you will, a creature of the wilds, born with eyes wide to the world, yet destined to be blinded. A creature that, in its primal innocence, is both predator and prey. It learns the hard truths of the jungle, not through sight, but through a heightened sense of being. This creature, much like our foe Vision, adapts, evolves, becoming a specter in a world that once preyed upon it. A ghostly predator in a realm of tangible threats.

I speak of the Owl.

Vision, with his Third Eye Sight, transcends the limitations of flesh, peering into realms beyond our grasp. He is an Owl in the night, silent and deadly, his blindness a mere facade that belies the true extent of his vision.

But, Luther, in our world, even the most cunning predator is not immune to becoming prey.

The Third Eye, seducers of desperate souls, are a parliament of predatory Owls. They prey upon men lost in the wilderness of despair, offering them salvation, only to lead them further into the abyss.

I, too, was ensnared by their deceit, my spirit torn asunder by their treacherous claws. They promised enlightenment, yet delivered only darkness. They offered a vision of glory, only to reveal a mirage of desolation.

To cause your prey pain, Luther, you must realize our battle is not one of flesh and bone. It is a war of truths and lies. To strike at our enemies, to make them feel the truest pain, we must unravel the tapestry of deception that they have woven. The most potent weapon against a predator is to turn its own nature against it.

We must expose the lies that sustain them, for the enemy of the Owl is pure light.

If our task is to unmask Jinx and the Third Eye as the charlatans they are, then we must tear down their house of lies, brick by deceitful brick, until nothing remains but the stark reality of their treachery.

For in the end, it is not the physical wounds that inflict the deepest pain. It is the shattering of beliefs, the crumbling of foundations built on lies. When their world collapses, when the veil of deceit is lifted, that is when the prey feels the true sting of the predator’s bite.

We are both hunter and hunted now, my friend. We are the shadows that stalk the night, the unseen whispers in the wind. We are the truth that hunts the lie, the light that seeks to wash out the darkness of the Owl.

Together, let us hunt, let us expose, let us bring our foes to their knees. For in the revelation of truth lies the ultimate victory.

And in the silence of their defeat, our truth roars louder than the mightiest Owl.

In pain,