In Promo by Simon

Even in science, there is a sense of art.

Something studied for its pure, empirical insight still has room for something to be admired.

To be loved.

Consider, for a moment, the prism.

A simple object of basic material that reveals a complex beauty underneath.

It’s tangible, something you can hold in your hand and feel.

You can shine a light into it, and watch the magic unfold.

The prism separates the colors hiding inside into a spectrum of vastly different wavelengths, coming out the other side to reveal a beautiful rainbow.

Because of this dispersion, you see how these different colors intertwine into something so simple as the light from a lamp.

Which makes you wonder…can you separate one of the wavelengths from the rest?

There are lights of all kinds of colors you can purchase from the shop, after all.

But the solution is far more complicated than that.

Those lights only shine a different color because of filters that block the other wavelengths from passing into visibility.

Use a red filter, and the red wavelength passes through.

Same with blue, green, and every other part of the spectrum.

But the wavelengths that don’t shine are still there, simply absorbed by the filter of choice.

You cannot simply remove one color from the rainbow.

You cannot separate the wavelengths permanently.

If you’re going to remove a rainbow, you take it all out at once.

And to do that, you shut off the light entirely.

The flick of a switch, and poof…it’s gone.

Vayikra thought they could destroy the Rainbow Party by snuffing out one of the components, but the spectrum shines on.

And they shine even brighter, just to spite their oppressors.

But where the zealots dropped the ball, ol’ Simon is picking it up.

It’s been a lovely sight to stare at, this motley crew.

Two works of art in their own right.

The prism has revealed their individuality intertwined as a unit.

A unit that has had a decent bit of success, even in the face of adversity.

But all good things must come to an end, and the Taskmaster has just the endgame in mind.

Looking at the curiosity that has been The Generation Kid and Starboy has been fun, but I think it’s fair to call time on this study.

The colors were nice to examine for a while, but now I’m tossing the prism aside.

Vigour’s death should’ve served as a warning.

It’s lights out for this little party of yours.

And I’m not ashamed to be the one to flip the switch.

The light choked out of the room in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, nothing to be seen.

Nothing but darkness.

All the fascinating colors and wavelengths disappear at once.

Leaving your light to be choked out, the colors within fading away as the reality of your demise sets in.

Until eventually, all that vibrant personality is gone.

The colors disappear entirely.

And all that’s left is black.