Three Magi

In Promo by Sir Gable

When I was growing up, my favorite day of the year was Christmas.

I was fixated, the very first thing I did every morning during the holidays was think about what day it was and how many days were standing between me and a little piece of heaven on earth.

Every year, this was the cycle until my mom set me down and asked me if I knew why I got presents every year.

I shook my head, I had no idea.

That’s when she began the story of the three magi.

She told me it was fairly simple, when Jesus was born, they had to venture out and find him using only the north star as their guide.

When they found him in that famous manger, they bestowed upon him three gifts.

My mom saw me excited when she mentioned gifts so she told me to wait until I found out what they were to see if I would still be excited.

First was the gift I’d ended up being more familiar with than any other.

He gave Jesus gold to represent his royal nature.

Upon the cross where he spent his final seconds of life was a sign that read King of the Jews.

Second was Frankincense, it represented deity. That needs no further explanation when we’re discussing gifts for the son of God.

Lastly was the gift that represented the lord’s reason for coming to this earth.

He was given Myrrh, embalming oil to represent death.

Normally children don’t receive these kinds of gifts but when your purpose is to die so others can be saved, you’re bound to receive items outside of the normal realm.

After explaining the three magi and their gifts, my mom asked me if I was still excited.

I squeaked out no, I don’t want to die.

She then said, “Oh honey, that’s not why I asked, I just want you to know why we get gifts and see the day for what it really is.”

“I want you to see the true meaning of the season and not rush to a certain day so much. Everyday we live is a gift from the lord so enjoy them as much as Christmas day itself.”

It took me passing away to truly cherish each day and in honor of her request and the knowledge I won’t make it to Christmas this year, let’s celebrate early.

After all, Sir Vant sent us to give our gifts to the lord.

Sir Bellator and his family gave us the gift of the sanctuary.

If it wasn’t for their devotion to deity, Vaykira might not exist.

Sir Renault gave away his gift early to Vigour.

His death and many others will be the gift the lord needs to make his inevitable return.

All that’s left is the gold I need to give to him.

Triosmania is the ticket to the gold that has eluded me my whole time here.

Once I get my hands on it, I will melt it down and make a crown fit for the highest king.

They had gifts for his arrival, we’ll have them for his return.