It’s time for a Blood Hunt

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

A long time ago, there was a group called the “Society of Leopold” and they were vampire hunters. The group believed everything supernatural were part of the Anti-Christ’s army; they believe it is their divine duty to slay or otherwise neutralize as many supernatural threats.

One day there was a fledgling vampire who was sent on a mission to eliminate the Society and bring back an Archaeologist, well that fledgling was successful and that group like Lucifer fell.

The Society of Leopold because a group of failed vampire hunters and their God abandon them, just like they abandon a certain group here in OSW.

This group is a group that is running hell in OSW; they’re trying to eliminate anyone who is LGBT+ and that’s worth me calling a blood hunt, they’re just as bad as Society of Leopold.

If we don’t fit their vision then they’d damn us to hell; saying we’re the devil. OSW doesn’t need that because in our group, we do have the devil and a lot of them.

If anything, this group and the rest of OSW should be ready for what we’re going to do.

Vayikra deserves a blood hunt indeed.

First and foremost they are treating the LGBT+ community like they’re demons; they’re not, you are. Second you killed a man without a good reason; as “The Prince Assassin” this angers me, you don’t kill a man unless he has done something wrong; to which you killed him for being himself.

Third, you believe that your way is the only way; it isn’t. Not everyone is going to side with your beliefs and being righteous zealots like the Society has added fuel to the fire.

This will seal their fate, they will be the damned ones and face the devil for their sins. It’s rare for anyone to escape a blood hunt and I will take joy in giving all three of you final death! It will bring your group down; you can pray, you can beg, you can try to use crosses, holy water, garlic, stake and whatever else…

It won’t work.


You’re going to be like the Society of Leopold; a group of failure. You think God has your back but guess what, he doesn’t.

He has abandon you for the sins you’ve committed!

Sorry to say the needs of the must as the drive drives and we have the devil at our backs. You will feel the end of the night how you’ll go from being the servant of the lord to a ghoul to Kindred and to be tied to the massive of Legion.

“Welcome to the World of Darkness” Vayikra, you’ll never get your prayers answered because “For we are Legion for we are many.” and no matter how many angels you throw at us, we just can’t be stopped. You will fail as vampire hunters and as exorcists. We’re going to with the tournament because we won’t stop.

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”