In Promo by Zeus

There was a cat that used to go around the neighbourhood; some stray that belonged to no-one.

I would watch it come into the street, over the garden wall of the first house and it would shower that homeowner with love.

That pussycat would curl its tail around the person’s legs, turn on its back and let that human caress it for pleasure. The pussycat would purr so deeply like that human was giving it the greatest pleasure.

That pussycat made that person feel wanted and loved.

Then the cat would get fed.

Then the cat would leave, head to the next house and repeat the same routine until every house in the neighbourhood had given that pussy what it wanted.

Day after day, week after week, on and on this went.

That pussy never loved my neighbours. It never stuck around with anyone, showed no loyalty at all. It took what it wanted and left.

One day that pussy came strutting its stuff in my garden. It was the only time because I let loose my dog on that pussycat and it never fed again.

Starboy, you’re like a stray cat: belonging to no-one but all over the neighbourhood.

I have watched how you slip into people’s lives and you spray them with love.

You offer enticements, bend your body in sultry ways and present that ass to the masses, all the while making sweet sounds of a new-found ecstasy.

Whoever you are with, you make that patron feel loved and adored.

You do that until they feed you whatever satisfies your appetite.

Having taken, you leave. Move on to the next client where it starts all over again. You allure and entangle until you get what you desire. On repeat.

Like the cat you pretend to give love, you provide moments of pleasure and satisfaction. But like that pussycat you show no loyalty. As soon as your belly is full you move out in search of the next meal ticket.

You have no love for them. You take what you want and leave. How can one whose loyalty is only to their own needs serve the greater good?

That’s what is on my mind as you now slink your way into the domain of The Black Hand, sniffing around for another meal.

But we offer you none. We feed only those who are committed to the greater good above and beyond themselves.

So The Black Hand will release its attack dog on the flirtatious feline trespassing on our land.

I, Corvus, the OSW World Champion, am that hound and my appetite needs satisfying, pussycat.

My heart is not merely set on chasing you over the garden wall but to pin you into the corner where the barrier is too high for escape. There I will tear out your throat with my jaw; the feast will be all mine and the only fluid to flow from that encounter will be your blood.

For the greater good.