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To most, this word refers to a specific era.

However If you were associated with the Odawara, this word symbolizes an apocalypse.

It was a moment where the sun went down for good on a clan – when their Daymio was forced out of power.

Their leader. Their guide. Their father spirit.

The one the rest truly counted on to play Magellan – and their guru for direction and purpose.

On this magical day, the Odawara castle was broke down piece by piece – and all of their revolutionary weaponry was shut down for good.

Without their Daymio, the road ahead of them blurred.

They questioned everything, seemingly anesthetized by the panic of recognizing how penetrable they were – so much so that they began to abandon their trust of those closest to them.

The Meiji era acted like a behemoth’s foot, squashing most of what remained of that Odawara clan – their squeals barely seeping through the space between them and the Earth they were being crushed into.

Those that survive began to fall back, but it was too late.

As their environment decayed from the effects of war, so did their culture.

Without a leader to herd the cattle, the remaining scattered about like space rocks – floating away until out of sight entirely.

Meiji, right Tenchu?

I’d imagine it to make your mechanical heart skip a beat, because it reminds you of a better time.

A time of direction and purpose – clear-as-day assignments given to you – on schedule.

A time where you didn’t have to keep that shiney head on a swivel.

But it also reminds you of the maddening chaos that you had to see.

The brutal dismantling of the only empire you were programmed to know – the death of your fatherly Daymio –

In fact, I think it’s these moments that clutter your mind the most.

It’s the screaming, and the hopelessness that came without you ever knowing you could feel it, that ultimately led you to striking the one that’s supposed to be closest to you now.

Banzan. The fatherly spirit of OSW.

It’s drifting in and out of that terrible apocalypse that led your systems to be shut down that leads you to gather a rope and chain a grown man to a tree.

Sure, he missed his match – but it was his dignity that was lost.

Because you’ve taken it from him, Tenchu.

Like your family roots, the wires have misfied and those considered to be your allies are blurred enough to become your enemies.

It’s an utter tragedy, Tenchu – but you must be destroyed.

Now listen, there’s plenty good about your deconstruction – so don’t panic. You’ll be able to have a delightful reawakening, this time around all of the family that abandoned you one night because they weren’t prepared for the worst case scenario. You’ll be able to see that beautiful castle of yours – freshly built to symbolize your era.

Because unfortunately for you – this is not your era, Tenchu.

Your Daymio no longer exists, I’m afraid.

But I’ll be your Meiji for the evening – Woohahaha!