The Scorpion and The Frog

In Promo by Sigil

“The scorpion and the frog is a tale as old as time.”

“A scorpion once found itself in need of passage across a river. As such, it reached out to anyone who would listen.”

“Most of the river dwellers were weary of the creature. His stinger was seeped in poison and his intentions were as musky as his blackened carapace.”

“One creature, however, lent a webbed hand.”

“The frog.”

“‘If you promise not to sting me,’ the frog said, ‘I’ll ferry you across.'”

“The scorpion happily took the creature up on his offer and hopped upon his back. The arachnid hung on tight as the slimy beast beneath him swam through the waves.”

“Slowly but surely, minute by minute, they closed the gap. But once the end was in sight for them?”

“Well, the Scorpion stung the frog right in his head.”

“‘Why,’ asked the frog, ‘why did you sting me!?'”

“The scorpion merely chuckled as the two of them sunk beneath the waves.”

“”Because,’ he said, ‘it is simply my nature to sting.'”

“And with those words, the duo sunk to the bottom of the river, the other side left untouched by either one.”

“It’s such a simple little tale but one that reminds me so much of you, Viper.”

“For what is a scorpion if not just a snake with legs?”

“Ever since you’ve entered OSW you have used your sickly sweet words to amass an army of frogs willing to put their trust in your hands as you request rides upon their backs. While plenty of the other creatures in OSW are weary of your words, there are even more who inhabit our little ecosystem who lose the hesitancy the moment you promise not to harm a hair on their little heads.”

“Your snakes are but an army of froggy pawns who you treat as expendable. They invade your matches, infiltrate organizations, and do your bidding without a second thought.”

“But when they outlive their usefulness?”

“Well, it’s only in your nature to sting them, injecting your venom right into their skulls and letting them drop dead.”

“But that’s the thing about that story, Viper.”

“Those snakes? Your frogs? They’re the ones who are keeping you afloat as you cross the river. They brave the waves so that you don’t have to.”

“And when you’ve stung your last frog, then you too will perish.”

“How do I know this, Roberts?”

“Well it’s simple. I’m the river you’re trying to cross.”

“I am the largest obstacle in OSW. I split through the center of the entire federation like natural disaster.”

“And in our match, when you call your snakes to try and carry you through our street fight? I won’t even try to drown them.”

“No, I’m simply wait until you believe the other side is in your reach and watch you sting them as your nature demands.”

“And when you do, I’ll drag you down to the depths where you belong.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”