In Promo by The Impaler

For decades I’ve watched as noble, true hearted people have fallen victim to charismatic men with a twisted visions at their lowest moments

I watched as people met their fates in Jonestown

Saw the vision of body bags being haul out of house in the California sun because a man thought a comet was their salvation

Those with hearts of gold, having their lives wrenched away because someone saw their heart ache and they took advantage.   

It’s all a sickening cycle that we’ve had to watch time and again.   

The most nauseating part of all of this is that every week since my crucifixion and subsequent resurrection at Red Snow, I’ve had to watch that cycle start all over again here in OSW. 

Because that is the night they took my mask from me.   

They separated me from my host. 

They said that it was punishment for my sins. 

The thing is since that night we have been one again. 

A unit again. 

We are Legion again, for we are the many… again. 

But that was also the night “They” became “Vayikra” and since then every moment I’ve blamed myself because while I’m perceived as evil. 

Vayikra have taken advantage of a man who was a truly beautiful soul while committing heinous acts for “the greater good”. 

Cael, I’m sorry… 

It was my fault… 

Legion and Impaler created them… 

But I will save you… 

I will prove to you all cults fall. 

They end up getting too warped by their own lies, they slowly burn, and tarnish their own souls. 

You were the heart of gold behind Pirate Gold, before the Nekken drug you into darkness of the deep. 

Well, I will drag you back into the light even if it’s a bright a burning rage that I use to make that heart of yours shine again, I will do it. 

Even if I need to break you first. 

Even if I have to destroy myself and my physical being along the way. 

Because I have watched too many cults take good men, condemn them to life of servitude, and condemn their souls at the same time. 

I will expose to you the fact that as part of their collective you’re weaker than you used to be. 

You’re lesser than you were before. 

You’re no longer Cael Gable, Olympian but Gable, religious sycophant and bootlicker. 

You’re a weirdo and recluse who people feel sorry for, because we remember what you used to be. 

We see a shell of a man once respected, made into warped and twisted into a vision of something he was never meant to be. 

So, while you can hear the voices of Vant, Renault, and Bellator in your ear now. 

The only voice you’ll hear this weekend is that of Legion as we beat you down and it tells you, “Show me who you were because who you are now isn’t strong enough.” 

You’ll here over and over again until you recognize it as truth.  

Because, Gable who you are now, who Vayikra has made you is just another body bag for another cult to use and discard.