In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“Let me ask if you’ve ever heard this story before, Maxwell.”

“A man beaten down by the world, left bloodied and exhausted in Arcadia’s streets, does everything within his power for the betterment of the citizens around him. Heart beating in his ears, he goes toe to toe with bloodthirsty bastards and violent vandals all while the vile world he lives in spits in his face at every turn.”

“Yet, he does it all, takes the punishment on the chin, and pushes through because he has a reason to fight.”

“Someone he loves more than anything in the world, his own flesh and blood inspiring him to never give up.”

“They need to be saved.”

“So the man fights until his heart threatens to give, goes against overwhelming odds day in and day out until he finally breaks the mold and comes face to face with the man he loved so dearly.”

“Only to find the very person he did this for had become just as corrupt and deranged as everyone else.”

“Sound familiar?”

“I would hope so.”

“But tell me. Am I talking about you… Or am I talking about myself?”

“It’s like looking in a mirror, you know. A reflection of anxiety and despair staring back at me when I look in your eyes.”

“Truly, I think you’re the one man in Arcadia who understands what I’ve gone through. And yet, no matter how similar you and I are, we couldn’t be more different.”

“At Anarchy Rulez, we both came face to face with the men we fought so hard for. You, your son. And me? My dear younger brother. They saw all we’ve been through and threw it right back in our faces.”

“But unlike you? I didn’t crack.”

“When your son fought back he broke you, didn’t he? You took the punishment, the brutality, and once all was said and done you just couldn’t keep going. You couldn’t fight anymore and at the slightest provocation… You fell.”

“Plunged deep into Doom’s pool, shattering the reflection I saw and leaving a scarred, deformed image in its place. In one fell swoop one of Arcadia’s last heroes was turned into nothing more than a rage filled husk who wants nothing more than the destruction of the very place he called home.”

“All because you just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“To be honest, I almost envy you. You gave up, you can finally be as violent and corrupt as the men who hurt you.”

“But I just can’t do that.”

“I refuse to allow myself and my morals to shatter no matter how overwhelming the odds. I don’t care that my brother betrayed me, I don’t care that Jasper Redgrave walks the streets a free man!”

“Because until the day I’m cold and dead in the ground I’ll never give up.”

“Arcadia needs a hero.”

“It can’t be you, can it?”

“So it has to be me.”

“It’s time for me to throw this broken mirror away, Blaze.”

“No one is above the Law.”

“And, until the day I die, I am the Law.”