In Promo by The Impaler

We used to enjoy the theater back in the mid eighteen hundreds, during that time we made friends with a master of the stage. The man specialized in dark comedy.  In fact, he was real Clown Prince, a Madcap maestro of the stage, if you will.

He disappeared into his roles so to the point that you would forget who he was, that was also the problem.

Because ho would use it as an excuse to ignore reality, to not face the nightmare of the world around him, but instead move from role to role.

Ignoring the fact that his brothers were off dying at war, ignoring the fact that while he was laughing his world was burning around him.

We eventually took him in, after the moment where reality finally caught up with him, and he drank himself to literal oblivion.

We have watched for almost a year now as someone else has taken up the same mantle.

Trying to hide himself in role after role.

Trying to be the Make Believe father to a family that would never love you.

So, what did you do?

You attempt to ingratiate yourself by sharing your toybox at a party you were never invited to.

But the only thing you got from that situation was burned by a righteous flame.

Now, you’ve decided to be OSW’s next “Jungle” Jack Hanna?

What do expect from this fishing expedition.

Truth is you’ve been teetertottering between fantasy and reality much like the young man whose soul we saved after he drank himself to what would’ve been his death.

Al, you want to keep ignoring what is blatantly in front of your face in favor of continuing to play these games.

Well, you can continue to live in the world of Mr. Make Believe because we’re the cold hand Mr. Fucking Reality that’s going to slap you across your painted jowls.

Because the facts are indeed as frigid as Cocytus.

If you didn’t distract yourself with these trivial exercises in futility, you’d still be VHS Champion.

However, you were too busy playing grab ass with Vayikra and The Rainbow Party to the point where Banzan was able Magga knee your skull into your chest cavity.

With all that said, playtime is over.

Legion is your new reality and your reality is about to be the most violent and painful thing you’ve experienced.

Because we’re not tolerating the fantasies you choose to reside in.

When you have a brother, you could be out there in there searching for but instead for the past month you’ve been playing hunt down Roger Rabbit with Elmer Fudd’s Australian cousin.

So listen closely when we say this, the jokes end this week SeeSaw, the laughter will die, and we’re going to beat you until your psychopathy returns.

Until the agent of chaos who stepped up to aide us those many months ago is returned to the world at large.

SeeSaw, to us this about returning that favor you paid us those months ago because We are Legion for, we are your reality.