The Leap of Faith

In Promo by Sir Bellator

‘Everything seems impossible until proven possible.’

It seemed like an impossible feat, to put a man on the moon. We look up at that night sky and see it shining down, but for every day in history up until July 19th, 1969, the moon seemed simply out of reach.

On July 20th, one day later, there was a monumental shift in the knowledge of mankind.

‘One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.’

The impossible had become possible.

That which seemed out of reach had suddenly become closer, crossing the border from imagination into reality.

Ten Apollo missions were undertaken before the eleventh set foot on that rock.



Those that lost their way.

Those that came so close.

Apollo 1. Exploded into hell’s inferno during a launch pad test.

Apollo 10. The dress rehearsal. Those that came so close to the moon without ever setting foot upon it.

But nobody remembers those that came close. They remember the words, the flag and the triumph.

Everything else pales in comparison to claiming the impossible.

In the vast galaxy of OSW, the Bad Mother Fuckers have become that impossible moon.

We look to our night sky and see that gold shining down at us. They orbit before us in plain sight but just out of reach. The seemingly impossible feat.

Mission after mission have taken their shots at those titles; all have fallen short.

An entire tournament of Triosmania could not see man land on your moon.

And nobody has so much as sniffed that gold since.

Jet Set Radio. A group created for the purpose of taking you down, Luke Storm. Simon assembled everything at his disposal to hand pick a team. Like Apollo One, they seemed to shine with such promise. But turn after turn, they have simply exploded on launch.

Failure after failure left upon Simon’s launching pad.

The Rainbow Party. A ragtag bunch of sinners and abominations. Desperately in search of that which will fulfil them but looking in all the wrong places. Starboy is lost in a sea of his own fornication, and the heathen creation Vigour has followed him into Gomorrah, dragging the impressionable Kid along with them.

They orbit close to the moon, but like Apollo Ten… in reality, nothing more than a dress rehearsal. Those that always remain but an arms reach away.

I serve HE who makes the impossible, possible.

I represent a monumental shift in the knowledge of OSW. A shift of those in power. Sir Vant has brought Vayikra this far, and we are ready to attack that moon.

It is the path of destiny, to climb that ladder and claim the impossible. To show the world that our Lord truly can bestow all blessings upon those who have faith.

‘It’s one small step for a man, but a giant leap of faith… To claim the impossible moon.’

No longer will you orbit outside our reach. Vayikra vows to claim the moon for themselves.

And we will plant Yahweh’s banner proudly upon its surface.

Accipe lumen et imperti.