In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

The thing about being hurt is that it eats you up inside. It churns your very being over and over until you get what you’ve been looking for. The longer it has to fester away, the worse it is going to be when the vengeance is dealt.

There are many people and many acts that I seek revenge for. Having travelled the levels of Arcadia for as long as I have, you can’t do that without making some enemies. And sometimes those enemies really want to hurt you. Even since I’ve been here in Olympus, people have come for me, and for my dog, trying to end both of our lives. People have set out to make my life a living hell.

And I want revenge on each and every single one of them. And they should all be scared of the need for vengeance that festers deep in my soul.

But as much as my need for revenge has festered, it is still relatively new. There are people further back in my past who deserve my ire a lot more. That is where people get it wrong. They say it gets easier over time. They say forgiveness is born of patience.

Fuck them.

I won’t forgive. I don’t find it easier.

I want to line them up and shoot them all.

Now, if you think that’s bad. Think about Jinx.

Luther Grim took her brother’s life. He ended his time here, abruptly and for seemingly no reason other than for the sport of it.

Jinx knows it was him, and has been seeking him out ever since. Just think of the vengeance she seeks. Just think how long she has sat with it and let it build up and fester deep in her soul. To lose someone in your family is unthinkable, and to know the person who took their life is walking about without a care in the world? Sickening. Jinx has every right to be angry, and every right to want that revenge.

I get the feeling ol’ Luther Grim is going to feel the full force of that soon enough. But for now I’ll shoulder some of that burden. I’ll look deep inside for the festering ball of rage that lives within me and I’ll channel some of it towards the hunter. I’ve known people like him my whole life. I hated all the fuckers. It won’t be hard to want to make him hurt. I’ll take all the rage I feel at what Tombstone has done to me. All the rage at what Teddy O’Toole has made me become. All the rage at what Drexl and Doom subjected me to. And every single ounce of pain from before OSW even opened it’s doors, and point it all at Luther Grim. He’ll soon see what it feels like to have vengeance pour down on you like acid raid. No shelter to hide under because the rain just sears straight through.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll leave just enough life left in him for Jinx to finish the job.

Or maybe not.