In Luther Grim, Promo by Luther Grim

[In the depths of The Grove, a pack of wolves prowled through the dense undergrowth, their primal instincts guiding their every move. Among them was a lone wolf, venturing away from the safety of the group, driven by a spirit of inquiry.]

[Suddenly, without warning, a sharp spear pierced the air, finding its mark in the wolf’s heart, abruptly ending its life. Luther Grim emerges from the shadows, his towering figure casting a dark shadow over the fallen creature. He observes his latest kill.]

Curiosity is a fascinating thing, Drewitt. It lures us into territories unknown, feeding our innate hunger for novelty.

We are all curious beings, aren’t we? You, especially, showed your inquisitive nature when you heard about the opening of Old School Wrestling, a territory yet untouched by your adventurous spirit. But somewhere along the way, you became more of a fighting man than an explorer. And now, you find yourself trapped in a situation from which you can’t escape.

In fact, your current condition is a result of your curiosity. It is the reason a bullet found its mark in your skull. It is why you were prematurely buried in Tombstone’s cemetery, where you would still remain if not for the Burned Man’s intervention.

Each event is a consequence of your curiosity, forming a chain of events that led you to where you are now. And once again, that same inquisitiveness compels you to venture into my forest, to face me, to delve into the depths of the unknown.

I cannot end your life, Drewitt. However, I can imprison you and strip away the very essence of who you are – the sole reason for your existence in Arcadia – your curiosity. I may not be able to conclude your story with my spear, but I can deprive you of the ability to explore, to journey, to acquire knowledge. Because after all, you may be eternal, but you are not invulnerable.

Because you see, Drewitt, I revel in extinguishing the flames of curiosity – that relentless pursuit of knowledge that leaves you restless. You claim to be interested only in travel and seclusion, yet here you are, caught in yet another undesirable situation. You dare to intrude upon my domain, to battle me, all for the sake of sating that ceaseless urge. But despite your immortality, you are out of your element here.

Because even if you can’t die, Drewitt, you can still be defeated. And losing your curiosity, your passion for exploration, is a fate more dreadful than any physical harm my spear can impose. In our encounter, it won’t be the bodily injuries that devastate you, but the psychological ones. And I intend to inflict the cruelest cut of them all.

So, come forth, Drewitt. Challenge me. Satisfy that urge. But remember, that each step you take is a step further from your comfort zone, a step closer to your downfallYour curiosity knows no bounds, but even the most inquisitive creatures have their limits, Drewitt. And at Levelmania, I will show you yours.

It’s hunting season.