Russian Roulette

In Promo by The Impaler

Carpe diem, it is the human race’s battle cry of success because in order to elevate one’s self you must seize the day. But, that very phrase is a double-edged sword.  

For some it is their very nature to take risks and spin the chamber in a never-ending game of Russian Roulette.  

Thinking that they’re actually living their lives to the fullest with click of the hammer. Living and dying on the adrenaline rush and euphoria that accompanies it that they will get high on that supply. 

Then instead of living to seize the day and take a risk to improve their lives they instead become adrenaline junkies. 

They believe that if they’re not clutching something by the testicles, they’re not actually living. 

That is until, the actual round gets loaded, and that click is met with a bang followed by eternal silence.   

Reminds Us of someone who very much embodies that adrenaline junkie mentality, always wanting to commune with the most dangerous parts of the Slaughterhouse’s nature.   

He reminds Us of group that walked these halls not so long ago. Friends that found themselves in the jaws of Fate and now they will rest in peace together, Forever.  

That’s right he’s the uncle to one those who fell to the eternal pull of the Slaughterhouse. 

They always wanted to live life to the fullest as long as they were together, they would face down any challenge.  

Until that challenge became too great and they all fell and We can think of nothing better to symbolize this Aussie’s perpetual addiction than the Magic White Rabbit that he’s constantly chasing. 

A Rabbit coincidentally given to him by his deceased nephew. 

This week you spin that cylinder again Chip you expect to walk away unscathed but We’re here to tell you this is where the game ends. 

Because We’re the bullet in that chamber and we challenge you, to go ahead, and pull that trigger one more time by grabbing us by the balls.  

It’ll be your final action on this earth but before it ends very badly for you. We will make sure that you get that adrenaline rush you’re looking for. 

The same rush you got when you spun the chamber and limped out of the Toy Box. 

Or when you last tangled with a Disciple of Fate and the Shadow Bat to walk away fresh as daisy after hearing that satisfying final click of the three-count. 

This time the hammer will strike, you will hear the loud bang of your body striking the canvas, and then eternal silence. 

We will give you the wish that you seem to have been seeking since you sat with that Rabbit next to the graves of Ultimo, Sherman, Moses, and of course Miles and we will make sure you’re buried right next to Miles. 

Because We are Legion for, We are many... and it is time for you to meet the one being you can’t just grab by the balls.