Sleeping Bear

In Promo by Deathnote

“I once had a friend a long time ago. Her name was Jessie.”

“Jessie was a high spirited young girl with the greatest outlook on life. We weren’t very old at the time. Maybe eleven or twelve.”

“Jessie came to me one day with excitement in her eye.”

“She asked me if I had ever seen a bear..”

“I had no interest in bears, but she seemed so enthused. She went on and on about the different questions about bears that came to mind.”

“She asked me if I wanted to see one.”

“Deep in the woods out by the old town lake, Jessie had found a cave. A cave where she says she had found a sleeping bear.”

“Immediately, we grabbed our bikes and headed down to the lake.”

“Jessie found herself a rather large stick before she motioned for me to follow her into the cave. Sure enough, deep within the cave.. we found a sleeping bear.”

“She looked at me and the two of us shared a smile of excitement.. that was until she took the stick and poked the bear. The bear responded with a low grumble.”

“My eyes widen. She positions the stick again and takes another jab! The bear flinches before once again responding with a groan.”

“She reared back a third time. POKE! ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!”

“The bear rose from his slumber and we turn to run towards the entrance of the cave, the heavy paws of a bear gradually getting closer and closer. All I remember is tripping as I got outside of the cave, falling on my ass and looking back to see nothing.”

“No bear..”

“No Jessie..”


“I never saw her again. I waited hours outside that cave, hoping that she would emerge from it’s depths, but she never came out of that cave.”

“I’m reminded of this story because it has come to my attention that Chronoa has been poking the sleeping bear for quite some time.”

“As someone who knows the fates of everyone, Chronoa has tried to manipulate her way through the ranks of Old School Wrestling since her arrival here.”

“She first poked the bear that is fate when she made contact with Impaler. She tempted fate then, just as she is doing now.”

“Most recently, she has poked the bear yet again in the form of Banzan. She has realized that in his quest for peace and tranquility, The Mountain has become much more than what you see on the outside.”

“You keep prying at things that do not concern you, Chronoa.”

“I am the keeper of fate. I am the author of death.”

“Inside this notebook is the fate of everyone.”

“You’re interfering in my work, and that is something we cannot have.”

“In toying with fate, you seemed to have fast tracked your own.”

“This week you stand opposing the bear you’ve been poking for far too long.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“Or never emerge from the cave where you poked the sleeping bear.”