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Nature is undeniably unpredictable, every moment you are forced to interact with the world is like rolling the dice.

Somedays are perfect like every roll went your way.

Others are like tragedy masquerading as bad luck.

The only thing consistent is the inconsistency.

We humans have gotten the luck elements of society under control for the most part.

Understandably, other creatures haven’t made the same advancements.

There might be no clearer example than this than the salmon.

First off, they are a saltwater fish who needs to have access to fresh water as it’s where you breed.

Because of this, the vast majority swims right off the shore of an ocean as that’s the only way you have a chance at prolonging the species.

The problem with this is the world has only so many limited spots that provide what the salmon needs.

Due to that limited availability of locale, the salmon’s natural predators know exactly where to strike for food, it’s just a matter of time for a salmon to go from being ready to procreate to being killed in an instant.

When your only wish is to create more life, it’s hard to welcome death as your destiny, not that the little fish has a choice.

After all, irony can be deadly.

The reason I bring up the little fish is that no matter every fiber of your being that should be telling you not to return to where you try to breed, you still keep swimming to the waters you don’t belong to, Colt.

How’s that old song go?

Oh yeah, don’t go chasing waterfalls.

The waterfall is the brown bear’s buffet, the salmon has to use all its energy to go upstream and often leaps into the air at the peak of the waterfall to make the arduous journey possible, often leaping right into the mouth of the beast.

Yet, you still keep leaping, every part of you trying to jump as high as you can to touch a god. You should have realized last week when a titan tries to touch a god, they are bound to fall and those crazy leaps you make I’m guessing didn’t help you when you fell to the floor.

Yet, one week, only one week later, you still come for me, you sad little glutton for punishment, don’t you realize eventually you’re going to get devoured?

You’ve gotten lucky so far as all I am in this scenario is your wants and dreams, that crazy unattainable goal you had that you realize will never be fulfilled, I’m not your brown bear though, my meal is someone much more filling than you.

No, my role this week is leading you to the hunter of OSW, Luther Grim.

He’s salivating for you more than I ever have, keep swimming all you can Colt. Resilient and stubborn as you are, I know that’s exactly what you will do.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, right into the mouth of the abyss.