Same Old Mistakes

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

There was once a man who wielded a legendary blade.

Carved from the finest metals and said to be infused with the blood of the gods themselves, it was said to be capable to cutting through Zeus himself.

The hero kept it sharp and ready, travelling the land in search of monsters and evil to slay but the blade itself never spilled a drop.

For the moment any saw the blade, they ran in fear of the knowledge of their sure demise.

The legend grew to the point the hero didn’t even have to raise the blade out of it’s holder before they fell at his feet.

The blade once gleaming bright, soon turned dull from inaction no matter how much it was polished and the heroes skill grew rusty never having to lift a finger to stop evil.

One day the hero came across a monster who didn’t run away. This beast didn’t care about the legend and the hero wasn’t ready for the attack that ensued.

Bleeding and hurt, the hero finally drew out his blade and swung as hard as he could at the beast.

As it shattered into a thousand pieces from a single swing of a claw.

The hero staggered back, shocked but barely able to register what happened before a second swipe cut through him, leaving this legendary myth dead by a common beast.

Because it doesn’t matter your bloodline, how destined or great a hero they claim you can become.

If the strength you wield fails you because you never get a chance to prove it.

And right now because of you Burned Man, I’m as rusty as can be.

Since the very beginning, you have treated me like a foolish child who knows nothing about the world he lives in.

Who lives in this fantasy of good and evil and needs a selfless mentor like you to teach them how to be a hero.

Been there, done that with a much better teacher who didn’t wet himself in fear at the sight of a torch.

Every step I have taken in Olympus has been calculated to ensure I become a better hero. To ensure I become stronger, faster and ready for whats to come

But no matter what you keep dragging me down to your perception of who I am. All because you need to make up for your failures as a father

And I’m fucking tired of being your redemption story.

My entire life I have been readying myself to become better then my father ever was, and the only way I can do that is to test my blade on the lesser evils.

And right now, a scared fool standing in my way of helping Arcadia seems pretty evil to me.

No more words, no more pleading, I warned you to stay out of my way and you ignored it.

Yet unlike the beast, I’m ready to do what’s necessary for the good of everyone.

And if you want to be the big bad standing in my way, I’ll just have to sharpen my blade with your blood.