Fear Itself

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

There was this young woman who walked into my abode once, desperate for my help. Seems she was being followed by a large black husky wherever she went and the poor dear was at her wits end in terror.

Ever since an unfortunate incident in her child-hood, she’d been terrified of our four legged friends to the point of paralyzing fear at the mere sight of them.

Yet they were attracted to her like moths to a flame. And despite her absolute terror or perhaps because of it, she longed to be able to have one of her own.

She begged me to get rid of this phobia in anyway I could, and as much as my good soul warned her of the consequences of messing with the mind, she appealed to a blackened heart of my heart so much that I just had to agree.

So I reached inside her pretty little skull and plucked that fear and memory of the fear away.

She thanked me profusely, I asked for no payment as the knowledge I’d helped such a young soul feel better was enough. A bold faced lie she was too grateful to see through.

Because the chaos that erasing fear can cause is more delectable than any thrill credits can grant.

You see, that same dog she’d been terrified of was an omen, a warning against something much darker. And as she came across it that night, smiling and bending down to scruff it’s ears, she didn’t even feel the knife against her throat before it’s blade pierced her skin.

The madman who’d been trying to make her part of his collection for months had always been thwarted by her fear until she overcame it.

Because Fear is a fickle beast and that which you thought dragged you to your knees in absolute terror may well not be the very worst it can inflict upon you.

And Mannfred my boy, your obsession with silence will gift you the terror you never knew existed.

Your entire life all you have wanted is peace and quiet by any means necessary, you’ve made your little hell world a private sanctuary of peace.

Yet you’ve focused so much on this lie that you’ve allowed me to pluck away at the people you care about most.

Because the Bleak citizens are yours to protect and knowing you failed them spectacularly puts new perspective on your whole world.

They mean nothing to me Curze, mere pawns for the real game as once more I see the moment someone realizes they’ve spent their entire life fearing the wrong thing.

That fleeting terror that flickers in their mind as they feel true harrowing dread for the first time.

Because your greatest fear wasn’t the scream of chaos, it was failing the Burrows like it failed you.

All this time you’ve wished for silence and you should be careful what you wish for Mannfred.

For a simple click of my fingers the Vixen will make sure the Burrows are silent forever.

Leaving the poor Night Hunter all alone in his nightmare of justice.