In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

We see Narcissa lying down in a lawn chair next to an old pool that is still full and surrounded by overgrown vegetation.

“Welcome to Casa de la Balenciaga, it’s been years since I’ve been here. The last time I was here my mother and I almost came to blows.”

She gets up and starts to walk towards the pool. She points to a particular spot on the ground.

“Right here is where we said things I wish I could take back. She told me I wouldn’t become anything from fashion. I told her the only way people know our name at all is because she’s a slut.”

“She told me to leave and never come back so I rushed to my room and grabbed my most important things, clothes, toiletries, my first tools of the trade.”

Narcissa picks up a rusty cleaning net for the pool and starts taking out some moss.

“When I came back outside, she was seething and screamed out “Did I say you could get your things? My house equals my stuff. Too bad your stuff is trash anyway. She then threw everything into the deep end. I went to save it but she pushed me outside this fence and I haven’t been back until now.”

She uses that net to pick up an old box from the bottom of the pool, more ornate than the others by it. She has a good idea that this is the designer’s box.

“After the odyssey that has been my life since leaving this pool, I was wondering if any of my old tools could be salvaged.”

She opens the box and begins examining everything inside, she has some shock on her face about certain things, expected disappointment about most, lastly she gets to her old pair of scissors.

“Let’s see if this old pair of scissors still works. I have my doubts but before that tumultuous night, this was in my hands as much as dirty cash was in my mom’s. In its prime, it could manipulate fabric like a puppeteer. It could cut strings like butter.”

She looks at it with a mix of pain and nostalgia.

“It’s definitely rusty and changed from its time in the pool but if it does the job well, maybe it was worth the changes.”

She grabs some squares of cloth to test this old pair that seemed like more of a friend than a tool for young Narcissa.

“Let’s see if you work.”

Fingers crossed she begins to cut, it’s a struggle and even the parts the managed to cut have brown and orange specks covering them.

“Yeah, I expected that, sometimes change is good. I grew from my moment at this pool and you probably feel the same way Scissors with yours. Let’s hope your changes are truly for the better as right now I see you like your namesake here, ruined goods. While the pool made you darker and potentially more dangerous, I’m afraid it made you brittle and ready to break at any moment.”

Narcissa drops the old scissors, shattering them on impact.

“I hope you fare better when I do that to you.”