Second Chances

In Promo by Ash Williams

There’s an unwritten rule for any would be hero, beyond protecting the innocence and no capes. One that even the most stoic and self sacrificing of vigilantes hold dear.

You can’t save the world all by yourself.

Batman had his family, Sherlock had Watson, hell even the Punisher had Micro

And I had the Kid.

For years I pushed everyone away, walked away from those I loved first chance I got because I was terrified that book would tear their souls apart. So when I came here, all I wanted to do was find the damn thing, destroy it once and for all and walk away.

Then Matty came around.

He annoyed the shit out of me, squirmed his way into every aspect of my life, stuck around like a bad smell in the good and the bad. He was the little brother I never knew I needed.

And when he needed me the most, I wasn’t there to save him.

Doesn’t matter I was trapped in some bullshit supernatural prison, doesn’t matter I was being sucked dry by Mr Rogers fucking Tulpa, I let him die and I refused to let it happen again. Refused to let anyone get that close again.

But someone up there has a sick sense of humour cause they send another charming, lovable, dorky ass kid with no survival instincts my way.  I’d say it’s karma but it may well just be a second chance.

Cause just like Matty had to suffer, this kid has as well. Vicious, unpredictable with their fare share of blood on their hands. JSR might not be demonic or some kiddy diddlers wet dream but fuckhead teenagers with malicious intent aren’t far off.

I’ve seen what the two of you are capable of, the destruction you can cause. Accident or not, Shaw’s blood still stains that board of yours. You’re unpredictable, chaotic, just general assholes to everyone you meet and for some reason, you have your sights on putting that Kid in the ground, simply because you can.

Not on my watch fuckheads.

That kid’s a fighter, he’s beaten people that should outclass him, he might even be stronger then all of us combined but he ain’t a killer. He doesn’t have that in him…but I do. I won’t hesitate to shine that little trike up and make you gag on it Ether. I’ll break that precious little board in half and shove it so far up your ass your little boyfriend will be picking splinters out of his dick for months.

When it comes to people I care about, the King doesn’t fuck around and miss. Because I refuse to watch as another good man dies. I refuse to fail again.

So shine up those little toys yours and Jet Set Ready to Come Get Some,

Because these two beloved fools standing in that graveyard opposite you are obsessed with two things.

Everything 80’s and kicking your fucking ass.

And unfortunately for you, we’re not in the mood for nostalgia tonight.

Oh Here It Goes…For you Kid