Shepherd of Gold

In Promo by Sir Renault

When James W. Marshall struck gold in 1848 a mass influx of people from far and wide flocked to California to claim a stake at their own fortune.

Everyone had their own reasons for pursuing the dream.

The gold made an easy task for experienced miners to extract.

Of course, there were the greedy sinners as well, who would exploit anyone and anything to maintain their status amongst their peers.

There were those who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Some came for the adventure, the thrill that it provided.

The hope of a better life offered those who lived in their own hell a way to climb out.

It was a hot spot for young adults who desperately wanted to get out from under their parents’ shadow.

And others had plans of grand design, a greater purpose they needed to fulfill.

No matter the case, the sudden injection of gold into the United States’ money supply managed to reinvigorate the American economy, changing the landscape of the country’s hierarchy forever.

And though some were lucky to strike gold, others walked away with nothing. Even worse, some natives even lost their lives.

But more than luck, the key to surviving and coming out on top of the gold rush is having faith.

At Ring King, eight of us will flock to the Slaughterhouse for a golden opportunity.

Some of us have worked hard enough to already be wealthy. Other dreamers have been allotted a chance at new riches. There is opportunity for some of us to grow our wealth, and on the contrary there’s a chance some of our fortunes will be lost.

Either way, the landscape of Old School Wrestling will forever change in Gold Rush.

Pyre’s wealth will shrink to nothing after Jet Set Radio’s inept exploits comes back empty handed.

Impaler will only dig himself right back down into the depths of hell from which he came.

TGK, like those poor indigenous souls, will catch certain disease from foreigners, getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Vigour’s adventure will end when the quick thrill he seeks becomes a long, drawn-out bore fest of digging his days away to no pleasure or luck.

When Deathnote fails to strike it rich, he will end up crawling back to Daddy Death for help per usual.

And Sigil will indeed collect gold like it’s his job, because he is skilled and equipped to do so.

But no one’s cause compares to Vayikra’s.

Though Sir Bellator’s and my current run with gold may well be reaching the end of the mine, our fortunes are destined to change forever.

While I’m led to believe that there are multiple distractions that are currently pulling Sanctus away from our purpose, there’s more on the line than just crowns for me:

I came for the grail.

And when I strike the mother-load, Yahweh Himself shall be resurrected by the collective “HOLY SHIT!“ chant from my believers.

For I am God’s Greatest Gold Miner—

And my faith in Yahweh shall safely guide me right to the OSW World Championship.

Deus vult.