Snake Eyes

In Promo, Victor Doom by Victor Doom

Being trapped in the darkness with but the silence of the world around you to keep company, you learn a little bit about those misfortunate enough to find themselves in this bottomless pit of abyssal devastation.

The chaos that rules the venomous sociopaths, the misguided souls who committed evil in the name of pure innocence, the fallen whose blood coats these halls and fills our nostrils with the sickening stench of viscera and the unlucky few who have been dragged down through personal vendetta and false circumstance, who truly do not deserve this hellish living nightmare.

We’ve seen many a soul fade into Tartarus screaming, the echoes of their bones crunching as their fatal, final screams echo through our ears giving us fiendish ideas. Hundreds have fallen through the cracks and usually we understand them immediately.

But not you, new fish.

Very occasionally there’s an anomaly, someone who doesn’t fit any simple category that has us both curious and annoyed. And you Lucky are a curiosity to us. See you are someone who truly doesn’t belong here. Someone who had everything in life, a father who loved them. A life they wanted for not and an infuriating silver clover imbedded into their soul that had them constantly pulling out royal flushes yet eventually you have to fold boy. And whether you killed your dear father or not, you ended up here and unfortunately for you, we are the first figure you will lay eyes on.

Fresh meat for the slaughter.

See unlike you, lady luck despise us from the very beginning. Born a twisted facsimile for a cruel sociopath who wanted an attack dog he could easily control, we were tossed aside the moment he realised something was truly wrong with us. That he’d imprinted the darkest part of himself inside our souls and we had control over when it came out. 

So while you were sipping latte’s and having sweet family dinners with good old daddy, we were locked deep into the darkness, thrown away like trash while the outside world praised his name. There’s only so much a man can take before he snaps and lets the darkness inside come out.  

Just your unlucky day.

You may be on top of the world in your little family Lucky but here power is king and there’s a reason they locked me away for so long.  If I was you, I’d stay hidden inside that little cell of yours, the warden may huff and puff but what he can do to you is paradise to what will happen if you dare walk my way. 

Because you may be golden Landucci but if you truly want to know the truth, you’ll lay down without a fight because I don’t want to hurt you but force our rage to make you kneel and your end will come with a simple roll of the dice.

Snake Eyes…

Rip and Tear.